The Burlesque Assassins, directed by Jonathan Joffe
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The Burlesque Assassins... beautiful, deadly, and a vital weapon in the war on tyranny that threatens our freedom. This sultry, sexy squad of superspies was created during WWII by lovers-turned-resistance-fighters Johnny Valentine (Armitage Shanks) and Katarina Molotov (Carrie Schiffler). The Burlesque Assassins used the feminine charms of the dancehall to lure their way within killing distance of the top ranking members of the Nazi regime. Their mission, SEDUCE AND DESTROY.

The end of the war left one final mission for Johnny and Katarina, to track down a terrifying secret weapon... The Nazi Atomic Death Ray! But the death ray slipped through their grasp, and the cold war separated our lovers behind an iron curtain. As East and West raced to recover the Nazi Atomic Death Ray, and each encounter between our cold war enemies offered a brief chance for the lovers to reunite.

10 years later a young Rock & Roll delinquent named Bourbon Sue (Roxi D'Lite), finds herself being recruited into The Burlesque Assassins by none other than Johnny Valentine. She is teamed up with the vivacious Bombshell Belle (Kiki Kaboom), and the demure Koko La Douce (Koko La Douce), as they set out on the adventure of a lifetime. With time running out and the fate of the free world on the line, The Burlesque Assassins gamble their lives to foil a deadly plot for global domination.

Developed in conjunction with Telefilm Canada and the international burlesque community, The film features performances by burlesque stars from Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, The U.K., The United States, and stars the 2010 International Queen Of Burlesque from right here in Windsor Ontario, Roxi D'Lite! The Burlesque Assassins is set to screen worldwide, kicking off with a 5 city tour of gala premieres across Canada. Each show combines the film with live performances by some of the world's finest burlesque talent. The Burlesque Assassins, a spectacular night of entertainment you will never forget!

Director Jonathan Joffe comments about Burlesque Assassins and the Rockabilly connection...

Rockabilly is a big part of The Burlesque Assassins. Our main character (played by Queen of Burlesque 2010 Roxi D'Lite) is Bourbon Sue, a tough rockabilly girl whose job is seducing men at her local juke joint and mugging them in the back alley. She's a 50s bad girl. Biker jacket, pencil pants, Bettie Page bangs. That is the image of Bourbon Sue front and centre on our poster. Rockabilly siren. So rockabilly is pretty damn important.

It's a burlesque film, so in theory we could have set it any time from turn of the century to the mid 60s. But for me it had to be the 50s and it had to be Rockabilly. The music, the clothes, the cars, the whole package in general are so perfect for this kind of film. Most importantly it's about the movies of the 50s, specifically B Movies. It was important to me that the audience understood that this is a B Movie. My dream would be to watch this at a drive in. There are enough indie film out there taking themselves seriously. Let's give the audience a break and just let them have some fun. Hot women, cool cars, a Nazi Atomic Death Ray, and great music. That's what The Burlesque Assassins is all about.

Jonathan Joffe, Director, The Burlesque Assassins




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