Minor Part 1, Built 4 Speed
Endless Soul Records 0828

Built 4 Speed was formed in November 2005 from Luca Brasi, Johnny, Voodoo Finger and Gamasche. After some Club Gigs and as a Support for Lee Rocker (Stray Cats). The CD "Minor Part One" was released on 21th April 2006. In July the band will release the CD/DVD "Minor Part Two" with different live shoots, videoclips and studiotracks. The Producer is ABC Entertainment (producer for Marc Almond, Public Enemy, Snoop Dog, En Vogue, Sting).

The CD is packed in the most beautiful three fold cardboard cover, complete with 8-page booklet. Fantastic graphic design, don't forget to have a peek at the band's website which also looks fabulous. The seven tracks are straight forward neo-rockabilly with a bit of a bite, i.e. not for the faint hearted LOL. It's not psycho though, don't let the skull on the front cover fool you, but it does have a lot of 70s and 80s rock influences. Music and production are both A++ if you dig rockabilly in this modern fashion. If this is what rockabilly has evolved to in the 21st century, I'm okay with it!

Built 4 Speed are:
Luca Brasi - Guitar
Johnny a.k.a. Don Vincenco - Vocals, Doublebass
Voodoo Finger - Guitar
Gamache - Drums

Luca Brasi (guitar) played for 10 years in the trash metal band "Mortuary". Johnny (lead singer, doublebass) played in the 90's with the German rockabilly band "Canadian Club". With Canadian Club he did more than 500 live shows in Europe, and released some records produced by Alan Murdoch. He also worked as a studiomusician in different Studios f.ex. Chateau du Pape (Studio from Erasure, Dieter Bohlen) and as a guest musician for many tours f.ex.. Doro Pesch. From 2000-2005 he worked as an actor in different films f.ex. "Nighttrain to Hell" and "The Hangmen". After 5 years he stopped playing music, he is back now with Built 4 Speed. Voodoo Finger (guitar) played in the German punkband "Six Pack", and Gamache (drums) played in different German rockabilly bands for over 10 years.

Trust / Long Legged One / Rockin / No More / The Lady / Getting Lonely / Bye Bye

Contact & bookings:
Phone +49 160 90612607

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006