Buck Stevens & The Buckshots (Selftitled)  
Wild Hare Records RB04003

Buck Stevens and The Buckshots. I could describe this CD in one word: SUPER! ... But I wont of course.

Now I know why people sometimes refer to a plastic CD case as a jewelbox: This release from Hare Records is without any doubt a little jewel. There's nothing for me to nag about because each and every song is good, the musicians are up to it, the studio did an excellent job in recreating an original sound, the coverart breaths Fifties allover and when I play this CD, some of my limps start to move on their own.

It's just twelve songs on this platter, and all but one are written by Buck himself. The styles cover a wide range: sometimes the band reminds me of Jack Earls or even the Saddlemen, than there's Carl Perkins peepin' around a corner, or Warren Smith. The band seems to blend it all in and cooks up a great style of their own. Buck squeezes a hot lead out of his six strings and his voice has the pleasant sound where this music really begs for. In my opinion a fully deserved 5 star rating for this CD.

To complete this, here's the enclosed info from Hare Records:

We welcome Buck Stevens to the forefront of the traditonal Rockabilly scene with a new release of rockabilly, primal rock and roll and hillbilly bop. Only in Kentucky can a real feel for hillbilly twang be presented in a compelling way that repulses Nashville's ,usic row, but thrills real hillbilly and rockabilly fans. Just a few years ago, rebellious youths played their brand of rockin'hillbilly, today Buck Stevens and the Buckshots offer up a great 12 song CD. This music is so cool that anyone with an ear on their head will soon be hearing about Buck and the boys. They deliver a raw but polished sound very reminiscent of Go Cat Go, Elvis and Bill Haley. The recordings done in an all analog studio have been compared by industry critics to "sounds like old Buck Griffin recordings!" Quite a compliment indeed. But they are not copycats in any way shape or form. Their music is honest, simple and real in their own right.

Buck Stevens and The Buckshots hail from Northern Kentucky and are a strip down three piece band consisting of Buck Stevens - Vocals, Lead guitar, Kris Merritt - Upright Bass, backing Vocals and Zach Russel - Percussion. The producers are very much impressed with the bands ability as a whole. But as individuals they are some of the best in their field. Buck's passionate vocals are backed by a solid rhythm section. The touch and finesse of these musicians can be witnessed in the variaty of on the CD that range from hillbilly Bop, to hillbilly boogie to rockabilly and even a Hawaiian number.

The band is extremely busy as they enter the 2005 season and many stateside appearances are planned throughout the Midwest and West.

Baby Rocks / My Baby Left Me for Hawaii / Read Between the Lines / What'd I gotta Do Baby / Hot Rod Ford / If You Can Dance / Granny Rockin' / These Blues Have Got Me Feelin' Low / I need Alotta Lovin'/ Look What I Found / Tell Me Baby / Hunniest Thing

Buck Stevens & The Buckshots are:
Buck Stevens - Vocals, Lead guitar
Kris Merritt - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Zach Russel - Percussion

More information:
Buck Stevens

Wild Hare Records
908 New Hope Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005