Too Hot 2 Handle, The Buckshots
Heptown Records HTR022

With their self titled debut album in 2005 and an infinite series of chaotic gigs, the trio from Gothemborough, secure their position as one of Sweden's best live acts, and here comes the sequel. "Too Hot 2 Handle" continues where the last album left off. Fourteen original tracks of crushing rock 'n' roll spiced up with rockabilly, country, howling garage rock, as well as sweet jazz, all delivered in a modern wrap.

The members of The Buckshots have solid musical backgrounds. Singer, guitarist and composer Jörgen Westman is also front man of the legendary power-pop-punk-surf band Psychotic Youth. Bass player and backing vocalist Peter Brylde has been slapping away with just about everybody, from Rosie Flores to Hank Edwards. Drummer Gustaf has been tormenting the skins in such bands as The Partisans and The Wreckers.

This new CD hits of with lotsa jungle drums on a song titled "The Devil Is A Woman" (of course we already knew that LOL), hardknocking rockabilly with a driving rhythm and great guitar and piano breaks. Then right through with more speed rockabilly on "Get Hot Or Go Home", a Buckshots original, not the John Kerby song. I was boppin' all over the office floor on this one, but I couldn't keep up. "Lovesick" slows down the pace a bit, a great stroller to catch your breath, before picking up speed again with "Reb Ta2's Back In Town". This is actually a great song, only the use of what sounds like an electronic keyboard is a bit weird, but the great lead riffs give a nice contrast on this early 60s sound.

"Marie" is one of my favorites on the album, a fantastic wild mix of rockabilly and rhythm & blues with scorching bluesharp slides, Junior Wells and Little Walter style. Superb! I'm sorry to say I fell asleep at track numer 6 "An Old Fashion Kind Of Love", some might appreciate it as kinda of a pause in between all the rock 'n' roll violence, but I'm not particularly fond of slow country music, especially not with steel guitar.

Luckily, there's more bop coming up with "Wanna Bop" and "Goin' Goin' Gone", and one more sound stroller simply titled "Stroll". The jazzy "In The Mood", like all the others, is a selfpenned composition, and not the Glenn Miller song. The rave goes on, "Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby", "Headin' Home" and then there's a Santo & Johnny style instrumental ballad called "Wedding Bells", pretty neat! Last is a cewl authentic rockabilly song, kinda like early Elvis. Lots of variety on this album, mostly rock 'n' roll "all sorts", with a couple of surprises and apparently some guest appearances on piano, keyboard, saxophone and bluesharp. Unless of course the boys are doing all instruments themselves, but there is no mention of it on the beautiful three-fold cardboard box, which comes with all the lyrics inside. A very well produced album, definitly worth a listen!

The Devil Is A Woman / Get Hot Or Go Home / Lovesick / Reb Ta2's Back In Town / Marie / An Old Fashion Kind Of Love / We Wanna Bop / Goin' Goin' Gone / Stroll / In The Mood / Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby / Headin' Home / Wedding Bells / That Ain't Right

The Buckshots are:
Jörgen Westman - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Brylde - Slapbass, Vocals
Gustaf - Drums, Vocals

Contact information:
Phone: +46 (0)708 - 330181

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006