Broken Bones, The Slippers
Goofin' Records, GRCD 6102, 2000

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A new gem on Goofin' Records, this Y2K release of The Slippers follows in the footsteps of other rockabilly greats on this fantastic Finnish record label; like the likes of Hal Peters Trio, Ellis & The Angry Teens, The Go Getters, Marti Brom, Darrel Higham, to name but a few. And The Slippers are (again) doing a great job in keeping rockabilly music alive and kicking.

It's called a "mini-CD" and that's because there are only 6 tracks on this release. I wish there were more and I wish that the Slippers go back into the studio and do it again, maybe another 28 track CD like their previous "Chance To Dance" (re-)release. "Chance To Dance" was a great compilation of all of The Slippers' 1980s issues, except for one. "Turn Around" was presumed lost at the time. Another reason you should get this new mini-CD, because the lost track surfaced again and, to make things complete, it is now issued on this new platter (whether you like it or not :))

The other five songs on "Broken Bones" are all new, recorded at the Playground Studios in June 1999. The first track "I Dig You Girl" is a real blast off! This self-penned Slippers original sure makes you wanna move your feet. Very good lead guitar and fabulous vocals. Watch out for Keke (drums), he's a real hard hitter!

The next track is a cover of Johnny Carroll's "Who's To Say", cranked up and fast paced. "Grow Up" is another Slipper's original that really rocks, the way the first track did. I tell you man, these guys still got it after nearly 20 years! Can you believe they would even try to top Steve Bloomfield's Hurricane? Well they did, and they did a damn good job too. You ain't heard nothing yet, next is a cover of Warren Smith's 1958 SUN original "Got Love If You Want". This is absolutely the very best version I ever heard! Fast paced fifties style rockabilly with very clear vocals and awesome lead guitar. A distorted rhythm guitar in the background makes the sound complete. Surely the best track on this album. I've been playing it 20 times in a row, I think I will take a couple more spins. This one is sure to drive shivers down your spine.

The last track is the afore mentioned "Turn Around", recorded in 1981. We all know who did the original of course (just in case you don't, it was Carl Perkins :)) Carl's original was a country song, and so is this one. It slows down the pace a bit after jumpin' around on the previous track. Collectors may be happy to finally get all Slippers recordings complete, but the song doesn't really belong on this CD. I'll just skip back to track 5 and bop a little more! And again... (be sure to pump up the volume cats!) And again...

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2000