Adam And Evil, Breathless
Greece, 2018

The Greek Rockabilly band Breathless strikes again after 9 years of absence in discography with a great, powerful, dynamic fresh rockabilly album! After their debut album "FIRST TAKE!" in 2008 Breathless return to the crime scene with 12 new songs 10 of which are written by the boys so you never heard them before.

The album starts with the great rocker "Teddy Boys Will Always Be Alone". The song is a reference to the teddy boys that began to rock from the '50s and they still do. A new hymn that remarks how the rockabilly / teddy boy scene will always be an underground kind of music out of the big radio Hit- Parade and the Pop music icons. It is followed by the album's title song "Adam And Evil" that is a cover on an Elvis Presley's 1966 song from the soundtrack of the film "SPINOUT". Breathless really cover the song adding a great guitar solo, new riffs and steady teddy beat.

"So Wrong" that became the album's first official video clip is a superb rockabilly -sentimental song that will rock you on! "Just A Ted", "That Cat Is Wild" and "You're Mean" are pure speedy rockabilly items that still have their own very fresh Breathless sound but without declining from the music's roots!

Like their first album this one also has 12 songs 10 of which are brand new stuff while there are 2 covers. Unlike the first album Manos Wild (band's vocalist) is not the only one who wrote all the songs this time. The beautiful instrumental track "Impasse" is written by the guitarist Johnny Iron while the mid-tempo rocker "Jump Into My Car" is written by the bass player Spyros Kart. Wiggling around rockabilly still has a fresh sound that boys deliver really well!

Still Manos Wild gave us another awesome ballad here with "Fools Never Can Win". A great bolero rocker with a string section that reminds great ballads of Roy Orbison and Elvis. Manos' voice hit these high notes greatly and gives us a really unique and powerful performance full of sentiment. One of a kind! Another wonderful love song comes in this album with "Thanks To You" orchestrated with marimba, brass and strings it gives a different feeling in this album but always faithful to the '50s and early '60s melodies. The Country rocker "Tell Me So" is a mid tempo story teller of a relationship that is in ruins and is doughtful whether the lovers will manage to save it or not!

Last but not least the second cover of this album is a great rockabilly cover on Johnny Burnette's Trio "Honey Hush" from 1956 (originally recorded in 1953 by Big Joe Turner). Breathless' version is an up-beat rockabilly jumper that will make you dance with no stop whatsoever!

"Adam And Evil" is a great rockabilly album that offers 12 songs that rockabilly lovers wouldn't like to miss! Published by On Stage Records it sure makes us thing that the 9 years time between their debut album and this one were worth waiting!

Members of Breathless are:
Manos Wild - Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Johnny Iron - Lead guitar
Spyros Kart - Bass
Crazy Chris - Drums

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Press Release, courtesy of Manos Wild, 2018
Used with permission