Breakfast Special, Finn & The Sharks 
UpSouth Recordings FS004CD

Breakfast Special is the fourth CD release of Finn and the Sharks in the last 4 years on UpSouth Recordings. It is a collection of recordings from the band's early years (1980-1983). The first release of archival material was Shark Therapy and it was released in December 2004. That was followed by Sneak Preview, a four song EP advance peak of the brand new recording the band was working on at the time. Built To Last, the first album of new recordings by Finn and the Sharks in nearly 2 decades, was released in January of 2007 to critical acclaim.

Breakfast Special features 18 tracks that were written and recorded at the height of the rockabilly revival of the late 70's and early eighties. The band had been banging these songs out in clubs throughout the USA's Northeast region for several years. Almost every track was recorded live in the studio and has that high energy roots rockin' attitude that the boys brought to the stage every night.

This release includes a studio version of At The Crossroads which appears on Shark Therapy as a live at CBGB's cut, the original 8 track version of Wheels Start Turning that came out on the infamous four song EP entitled Innercity Rockabilly on Rebel Records (now an extremely rare 12" vinyl item). It also contains Tell Your Mama from that same EP.

This is all original and vital rockin' Americana. A must have for all those interested in unpretentious, raw and exciting Rock 'n' Roll, free of overproduction and recorded on 2" analog tape. As with all of Finn and the Sharks releases, this one was recorded, mixed and co-produced by the great Larry Alexander.

The only cover tune on Breakfast Special is Finn and the Sharks' recent version of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog which is included here as a bonus track outtake from Built To Last.

In all there are 19 listed tracks and almost an hour's worth of good rockin' music to be enjoyed by the band's growing cadre of fans world wide. So if your waking up hungry for real American roots Rock 'n' Roll, place an order now for today's Breakfast Special!!

Rockabilly Bop / Wheels Start Turning / Somebody New / Boppers Place / Down For The Count / At The Crossroads / Drugstore Cutie / I Don't Wanna Die Unknown / Tell Your Mama / Something Goin' On / Rockin' Education / Rhythm And Ruin / We Make Rock 'n' Roll / Let Me Know What You Want / Don't / Growin' Up Evil / Every Day / Fed Up / Blackdog / Back To The Well (Hidden Bonus Track)

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Finn & The Sharks are:
James Finnen - Lead Vocals, Standup Bass, Guitar, Baritone Sax
Billy Roues - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steven "Muddy" Roues - Stand Up Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Ed "The Hammerhead" Steinberg - Drums, Vocals
Ira "Junior" Hedges - Guitar, Vocals ( Ira left the band in late 1982 so he is only featured on the tacks recorded before his departure)

Contact information:
Billy Roues
P.O. Box 34
West Nyack, NY 10994
Phone: +1 845-358-8672

Press Release by Billy Roues, 2007
Used with permission