Boppin' Up North - Volume 1
Rockaround Records RCD001

Subtitled "Get Ready to Rock & Roll, Norwegian Style", this collection holds eight bands and 24 tracks. The first song is a fabulous rocker titled "Rockabilly Record Rack" by Anders Westhagen's band Built For Speed. In the 80's and early 90's Anders was the frontman of one of my favorite Up North bands The Teencats. The Tempo Toppers present 3 tracks from their new album "Snapshot". Great band! You must also check out their superb 2001 debut album "Click Clack".

Rockabilly veterans "Goin' Ape" lended 3 songs from their album "This is a Country Album", and despite that title this is really all great rockabilly music. Two of the three Cascadez tracks are from their selfproduced album "Rough Cut", the song "Rockabilly Record Collector" is new to me, but like most Cascadez songs, it's a great Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll song, Crazy Cavan style. Cascadez frontman Arild Rønes brings you three more traditional rockabilly songs under his pseudonym Hank Sundown. Arild is also The Big Boss Man at Rockaround Records.

Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns is a new name for me, I had never heard of them before. They sound very "neo", and their first contribution "Rocketeer On Rocket Fuel" is more of a punkrock song and totally misplaced on this album. The Twang Gang present two great rocking songs and one very weird slow song "My Old 45". Not a rock 'n' roll ballad at all, just a horrible popsong. Smalltown Ramblers are a fabulous rockabilly band with a wild saxophone, they contributed two great rockers and a boring 4 minute jazzy song. Be sure though to check out their latest album "Trucks, Trains & Evil Women".

Too bad there are a few odd tracks on this album that just don't belong, but that still leaves you with 20+ great rocking tracks that make this sampler very much worth while.

01 - Rockabilly Record Rack - Built For Speed
02 - Week Away - The Tempo Toppers
03 - I Just Wanna Watch TV - Goin' Ape
04 - Rockabilly Record Collector - The Cascadez
05 - Rocketeer On Rocket Fuel - Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns
06 - Let's Get Drunk - Hank Sundown
07 - My Old 45 - Twang Gang
08 - Train Keep On Rollin' - Smalltown Ramblers
09 - She's A Guy - Built For Speed
10 - Herman The Hermit - The Tempo Toppers
11 - Honey Boy - Goin' Ape
12 - Welshman - The Cascadez
13 - I Go For Rock - Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns
14 - Blindfolded - Hank Sundown
15 - Polar Bear Rock - Twang Gang
16 - Don't You Drag Me Down - Smalltown Ramblers
17 - Gretschoholic - Built For Speed
18 - Friday - The Tempo Toppers
19 - Bad Boy Roy - Goin' Ape
20 - The Beat Goes On - The Cascadez
21 - Bad Moon Bopster - Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns
22 - Mindy Lou - Hank Sundown
23 - Bathroom Boogie - Twang Gang
24 - Peter - Smalltown Ramblers

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Rockaround Records
c/o Arild Rønes
N-2420 Trysil

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005