Tell Me Who... Told You 'Bout Lovin', The Boom Boom Cats
Vinylux CD V0006

The Boom Boom Cats are four youngsters hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, where they performed on several festivals and clubs. There's not much info about this band on the internet, as far as I found out they even split up, and came together again but I can't find any up to date info and even the website listed in the CD liner notes is down. Nevertheless, this CD is a good album. These four youngsters play to keep the old tradition of rockabilly music alive and they do it well. Singer Eddie MacIntosh wrote eight out of the eleven songs and he's a gifted songwriter in my opinion.

Personally I prefer his own songs above their covers of Johnny Carrol, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison. Energetic, original, and uptempo, that's how to describe this CD. Eddie sings like an old pro and that's his strength, and his band follows quite well. Allthough there's one odd track on this CD titled "It's Raining Tonight" that keeps me wondering. The song seems to consist of two seperate melodies which, if recorded seperatly would do very well. Now it just doesn't work for me, the rhythm keeps changing and it keeps confusing me. Well, I'm sure it's just the way Eddie meant it to be, and I'm just sharing my opinion. Chances are that when you hear this particular song live on stage it would rock your socks off. Anyways, this is an album that, I'm pretty sure, any rockabilly guy or gal would love and enjoy!

Tell Me Who / The Opening Act / Crazy Crazy Lovin' / Rooster in a Henhouse / Everytime That Record Plays / Right String Baby But The Wrong Yoyo / Two Bop / Long Time / GO GO GO / It's Raining Tonight / Diamonds

The Boom Boom Cats are:
Eddie MacIntosh - Vocals
Mark Pettijohn - Drums
Lee Verzosa - Double Bass
Joe (?) - Guitar

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004