The Guitar & Bull Fiddle of The Bonneville Barons
Western Star WSEC015

The Bonneville Barons are Ramblin' Yann Mahdjoub (Bullfiddle, vocals) and Chris Wilkinson (guitar, vocals). The pair met in the summer of 2005 through a musicians ad and soon began writing their own original material. After months of practising the duo created a unique sound and style, combining elements of rockabilly, western swing and gypsy jazz in their own signature sound.

In October 2006 the boys recorded "The Guitar & Bull Fiddle of The Bonneville Barons" at Alan Wilson's famous Western Star Studios. Well, if both can sing, what more do you need to play rockabilly music than an upright bass and an electric guitar? The Bonneville Barons surely prove this to be a true statement.

Add to that the fact that the duo are fabulous songwriters too, all 14 tracks are credited to either Wilkinson or Mahdjoub, and you got yourself a genuine two-man-band that just sounds great. Various tempos are used, from the bluesy "Prison Bride", to the slow ballad "This I Swear", to the rockabilly stompers like "Rockabetty" and "Lucky 13". I found this to be a very enjoyable album, different certainly. Very good for listening at home late at night, but there are some very danceable tracks for bopping around your local record hop as well. Listen to "Cat O' Nine Tails" on the boys' MySpace page:

The Bonneville Barons are L2R:
Yann Mahdjoub - Slappin' & Singin'
Chris Wilkinson - Pickin' & Preachin'

Prison Bride / Cat O' Nine Tails / Rockabetty / Swamp Rock / Weird Bony Tommy / Strollin' / Ride That Mine Cart / Lucky 13 / This I Swear / Whipped Up / Evil Bound / I'm Beggin' / She's Been Foolin' Me / Jackrabbit Run

Contact information: 

Western Star Recording Company
P.O. Box 1441
Bristol BS39 7ZN
United Kingdom 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007