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Blue Suede Shoes, Caister Rock 'n' Roll Weekender 1979
The Video Beat DVD

Caister, Great Yarmouth (UK), was the place to be in the late 70s and early 80s. Teds, rockers and rebels alike, all together at one festival, no hard feelings, no fights, no envy. This tape was made when each and everybody just loved rock 'n' roll and everyone was having a good time. And experiencing Ray Campi, Matchbox, Freddy 'Fingers' Lee, Flying Saucers and Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers and Bill Haley on one festival was quite unique...

The ultimate rock 'n' roll documentary "Blue Suede Shoes" was originally issued on VHS, and there were two different versions. There was the 1 hour version with Tommy Steele, Billy Fury, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran footage and a superb shooting of the 1979 Caister Weekender, and there was the 92 minute tape, with the same stuff of course, and additional footage of the Caister Holiday Camp, plus Gene Vincent live performance of "Baby Blue". This VIDEO BEAT release contains the complete show, and "Oh Boy", what a show...

This is the show where you can see Freddie 'Fingers' Lee wreck a piano with an axe, where you can hear Cavan Grogan slith a cop's throat on "Teddy Boy Boogie", where you can re-live the moment where Colin Winksi (playing lead guitar for Ray Campi) is almost pulled off the stage by screaming teddy girls, and where you can see Bill Haley perform "Rock Around The Clock" without the hall being torn apart. And that's because we were all friends. Teds, Rockers, Rebels and Rockabillies alike, like it's suposed to be.

Kevin Fennell, who still plays the guitar with Ray Campi's Rockabilly Rebels today, remembers: "When we went back to the UK in '79 those were the first shows we did. I still have the little program book around some place. We also went to the Bill Haley show at the Royalty. The same people filmed it, it was intense. You could not get near the stage, it was solid sweating bodies in there. Really fun!"

Included video clips:
Tommy Steele (Elevator Rock), Cliff Richard (Turn Me Loose), Billy Fury (Don't Knock Upon My Door), Gene Vincent (Baby Blue), Eddie Cochran (Teenage Heaven)

Blue Suede Shoes was never officially released on DVD. This DVD was made by The Video Beat, and they did a superb job remastering the film from an original VHS source. They don't simply dump the VHS video signal onto a DVD-R media disc. The Video Beat assures the highest possible video quality, using professional video enhancing equipment that removes color bleeding, image ghosting, poor contrast, etcetera. Besides this unique document, The Video Beat has specialized in 1950s and 1960s Rock 'n' Roll Movies, Rock 'n' Roll TV shows, Hot Rod Movies and music documentaries. They have a superb collection of very rare rocking stuff on both VHS and DVD. Check 'em out!

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004