Blue Boy, Mike Sanchez (MS003)

Mike is back! And the master is treating you with fifteen of his all time favourite songs, a collection of timeless ass-kicking rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues. Mike's third solo album on his own MS label, is a grand follow up for "Just A Game" (MS001) and "Just Can't Afford It" (MS002). An album that takes you back to the 50s era, when music was pure and true, and presents you with various authentic rockin' styles, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, r&b, country and pop.

The first track is Bobby Vee's "Someday" in a revved up rocking style. You will notice immediatly that Mike has some the best rocking musicians on the scene in his band. And Mike's fabulous black tainted voice comes out beautifully on Brook Benton's "Hurtin' Inside".

I can't tell you who did the original of "Tell Me Who", but rockabilly fans will surely remember Warren Smith's SUN version best and it sounds just great with saxes and piano. The title song is Jim Reeves' hit "Blue Boy", a touch of country (with pedal steele), to slow down the pace before carrying on with some real gone raving blues on Little Walter's "Come Back Baby" and some rocking piano rock 'n' roll on Big Danny Oliver's "Sapphire".

Next is the only Mike Sanchez original on this album, titled "Fast Train", a mix of rockabilly and r&b with two grand guitar solos. "Strange Love" is a blues song, with harmonica by Ricky Cool, and yet another one of Mike voices. Yes, it seems as if Mike has a dozen different voice to pick from. The Smiley Lewis song "Shame, Shame, Shame (On You Miss Roxy)" from the 1956 movie "Baby Doll" is swinging r&b with some jazz influences. The authentic blues song "Every Day, Every Night" (Eddie Bo, I believe) gives you a chance to catch your breath before hitting off again with Junior Parkers all time classic "Love My Baby".

One of my favourite r&b felines (sorry, females) is Ruth Brown, and she is not forgotten on this collection, hence a swinging version of the Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller song "I Wanna Do More". The rocking "Wildcat Tamer" is well known on the rockabilly scene, due to Mac Curtis' Rollin' Rock recording, originally an r&b song, Mike Sanchez revives it with passion.

Two more rhythm & blues songs, "Well Baby" and "I Miss You So", finish this 3rd Mike Sanchez album. Most of the album is r&b, and not rockabilly, as you would expect on this website, but rockabilly emerged from rhythm & blues and hillbilly music, and you can believe me, Mike will rock your socks on this platter. Fifties style! Oh, and there's is bonus song hidden behind the last track, Ray Smith's "Rebound", a rocking closer for a top album!

The band:
Mike Sanchez - Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Andy Silvester - Guitar, Pedal Steel
Al Gare - Double Bass
Mark Morgan - Drums, Backing Vocals

With Guests:
Al Nicholls - Tenor, Baritone Saxophone
Dave Priseman - Trumpet
Ricky Cool - Harmonica

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Pictures courtesy of Mike Sanchez

Contact information:
Michael Sanchez
P.O. Box 143
DY10 1YU England
Tel/Fax: +44-1562-827477

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001