Let's Make Vegas Tonight, Johnny & The Blades 
Rollin' Rock CD 106

Are you one of those cats who, like me, is always trying to turn up the bass on those old Burnette records, trying to get the most out of Dorsey's upright bass? Well, this is the new millenium, techniques are different, recording studios have improved immensely (not always for the best I might add) and you can still listen to that 50s sound. One guy, who has been in the recording business for a long time, knows exactly how to record true fifties rockabilly music with the best sound quality possible. That guy is Ronny Weiser and he did it again! This new Johnny & The Blades CD has been recorded in Ronny's Las Vegas based Rollin' Rock studio and the first thing you hear when put this platter in the machine is a GREAT slapping bass and a razor sharpe lead guitar. Superb dynamics as you would hear from that first Seeburg stereo jukebox (I would know, I have one in my living room). Enough about Ronny Weiser, he already knows I appreciate his work.

Johnny & The Blades thunder into your living room with enormous enthousiasme, the fat greasy slapping bass is 'awesome' and I'm sure you'll love "Let's Make Vegas Tonight" first time you play it. Link Davis' "Don't Big Shot Me" (titled just "Big Shot" on this CD) is one of the best I heard, as is the cover of Sykes Roosevelt's "Drivin' Wheel". But it's not a CD with all covers, there are TEN self penned Blades' tracks here! Johnny Kellen's voice is magnificent, but we already knew that, each and every review I read about their first release "Eat At Fred's Place" was raving about his clear voice. Another nice initiative is throwing in a free "Rollin' Rock" comb to set your quiff straight at the Vegas hop. I wonder who came up with this idea :)

Clearly, the splendor of these recordings is the combination of the band's excellent musical qualities, Johnny's beautiful voice, a great love for fifties music and Rockin' Ronny's lifetime experience. When Ronny released the second Rip Carson CD I was the first to say that it was gonna be the best CD of Y2K, even if the year was only a few months old, but now I'm having doubts, maybe... Well let's just wait what comes next!

Johnny & The Blades are:
Johnny Kellen - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Kolodziej - Upright Bass
Eli Rinek - Drums
Noah "Gitit" Gietka - Lead Guitar

Johnny & The Blades on the web:

The BlackCat, 2000

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