Rockabilly 1985-1990, Black Slacks
Lawaaizone, 2000

From 1985 till 1991 the Black Slacks rockabilly train thundered through Holland in various line-ups. With their inexhaustible energy they tore up the stage at many festivals, bars and dancehalls. Almost 700 gigs, and never one record release, apart from a few tracks on a Rockhouse rockabilly sampler. After the turn of the millenium, almost a decade after the band disbanded, it was about time that the powerfull music of Black Slacks would be made available for this and the next generations of rockabilly fans. Dedicated to the memory of drummer Wilfrid Snellens, who passed away in 1997 and who was, together with bass player Lut Luttik, the backbone of the band through all line-ups. This album is part of Dutch rockabilly history, compiled with passion and patience by Michael Beekman and a beautiful cover design by Henk Tijbosch.

The album is an anthology of Black Slacks from the late 80's to the early 90's, compiled of demo recordings, live sets, and a few studio takes from the recording session for the Rockhouse Holland Billy albums. From the very first demo track "Tear It Up", you will know what rockabilly is all about. With great enthousiasme and dedication Black Slacks performs a wide range of rockabilly, rock'n'roll and rhythm & blues classics. A tribute to great originators like Johnny Burnette, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, Billy Hancock, Ventures, Big Joe Turner and many more.

The band changed singers and guitar players several times, but they never lost their touch with vintage rockabilly and rock'n' roll music. Musicians who played with Black Slacks through the years were:

Hans Beck - Vocals, Guitar (1985-1986)
Fred Kienhuis - Vocals, Guitar (1986-1987)
Gerrit v.d. Linden - Guitar (1988-1989)
Dirk van der meij - Guitar (1988-1989)
Ritch van Gessel - Vocals, Guitar (1989-1990)
Barend Middelhof - Saxophone (1989-1990)
Lut Luttik - Bass (1985-1990)
Wilfrid Snellens - Drums (1985-1990)

Tear It Up / Sweet Love On My Mind / Shake It Around / Lonesome Train / Black Slacks / Rockabilly Boogie / Cut Across Shorty / Weekend / His Latest Fame / Miss Jessie Lee / Rocket On Out Tonight / Can't Find The Doorknob / Howling At The Moon / Baby Blue Eyes / Walk Don't Run / Jivin' Beat / Cryin' Out For Love / My Babe / Chicken And The Hawk

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