No Way To Stop Me, I'm On Rock 'n' Roll - Black Raven
House Of Wax, HOT WAX CD-001

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Current line-up of the band is:
Julian Wiethoff - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Torsten Leyhausen - Electric Bass
Jan Ferres - Drums

It's been 6 years (not counting the Falcon & Raven 45 single) since the last album of Black Raven was released in 1995. I would say it was about time the band got back in the studio, because if you have their earlier recordings, or have ever seen these guys on stage, you know these German teddyboys rock!

Black Raven, like all teddyboy bands, are heavily influenced by the originators of the Crazy Rhythm sound, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, and by Sandy Ford's Flying Saucers. And maybe by all other teddybands that followed in their footsteps. But the Raven have their own sound within the genre. Raw, and yet subtle, supported all the way by Torsten's rolling electric bass and Julian fast leading licks. Of the 15 tracks, 13 are self-penned originals. The only two covers are "Apache's Last Ride", based on the Shadows hit "Apache", and a fast rockin' version of Bobby Day's "Rockin' Robin" (awesome "tweets" :))

The front picture of the album is something else, I don't think anything like this has ever been done before, and I'm pretty sure it'll give you a good laugh too, seeing this gang of "bikers" on the front cover. Pretty neat! As for the music, well, why don't you just listen for yourself, you'll find a great selection of Black Raven songs in MP3 format on their website. I'm quite sure that, if you like original European rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and teddy boy music, you will dig this album too. And if I would have to pick some favourites, I'd say "The Train" is real cool, with Johnny Cash alike guitar riffs, and "She-Shaved-My-Sideburn-Blues", a story about a girl who leaves her teddy boy friend for Elvis and shaves away his sideburns. Imagine that would happen to you, scary! (I haven't shaved off mine in 25 years!)

Black Raven line-up on this CD:
Julian Wiethoff - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Torsten Leyhausen - Bass
Andy Tudja - Drums
Zlatko Tudja - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Black Raven at the Rumburk Rumble, 2004 (photo by The BlackCat)

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Contact Information:
Black Raven
Reichsstrasse. 27
D-40217 Duesseldorf
Fax: +49 9415 9929 6669 

House Of Wax
Affentorplatz 24
60594 Frankfurt
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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001