13 Times, The Black Crabs
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A lot of people say the same thing about The Black Crabs. "You guys don't sound like anybody else." Sure, there's some rockabilly in there, and some rock and roll too. But there's also swing, jazz, and even a taste of spaghetti western. It's a refreshing update to the "authentic reproduction" approach of the rockabiliy genre.

Their second release, 13 Times, is a case in point. The band moves smoothly from the straight-ahead rockabilly sound of Say Mama to the swinging duet Messin' Around. They deftly navigate the Les Paul-eqsue instrumental Caravan. There's even the tune best heard under the Big Top, both because of its country-circus beat and subject matter (quite possibly the first ever song about corndogs). And when's the last time you heard a washing machine as a kick drum? Check out the hidden track.

This mix of genres comes naturally to The Black Crabs. Jonathan Stuart, Tom Forster Jr., and Kirsten Ballweg are experienced musicians and have played with a variety of groups come-60s girl garage (The Hot Rollers), power punk (The Heels), roots (Footstompin' Trio), melodic pop (Nobody Home), and of course swing and rockabilly (The Donettes, New York Jimmy and the Jive Five). Originally formed to back Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson, the band was supposed to be only a summer fling. Instead, it transformed into a full-time proposition.

Major Milestones for The Black Crabs
2004 - Wanda Jackson Tour
2005 - Debut CD "Blast Off!" released and selected as top 10 rockabilly CDs of 2005 by KEXP, Seattle
2006 - West Coast tour
2007 - European tour- Belgium, Holland .Luxembourg, and Italy
2008 - This album "13 Times" released

Press highlights
"...after a few spins I must say Blast Off is a very refreshing and happy CD, very well capable of turning a dark hearted mood into a sunny one... Kirsten is swinging and slapping that bass like an old rockabilly pro, the guitar tracks are refreshing, and the drums stable as a breaker in the sea. The vocals are sounding crystal clear (as is the entire production), and the lyrics are funny, exclammation mark. I'd say, leave out the cover songs and write all the lyrics yourselves next time guys, and girl of course."
Uncle B, BlackCat Rockabilly Europe

"The whole album is played with a positive "don't look back" attitude (very nice production work) which is a good way to take a fifty year old musical tradition into the new century."
Frederick Turgis, Jumpin' from Six to Six

"The Black Crabs might not sound like something you'd want to catch - especially after we add that they'll make you feel like you have ants in your pants - but trust us, the Seattle rockabilly ensemble with the prickly moniker are worth checking out. Featuring guitarist Jonathan Stuart, drummer Tom Forster and former Donettes slap bassist par excellence Kirsten Ballweg, the trio have now released their excellent 2nd album."
Kurt B. Reighley, The Stranger

Black Cat Boogie / Say Mama / Romeo's Teacher / Nothing Ever Happens / Three Cool Cats / Caravan / Not Knowing How / Congratulations / Messin' Around / Corndog / Give It Up / Thirteen Times / Going Home / Hidden Track

The Black Crabs are:
Jonathan Stuart - Guitar, Vocals
Kirsten Ballweg - Bass, Vocals
Tom Forster - Drums, Vocals

Contact information:

Phone +1-206-255-9301

Press Release, 2008
Used with permission