Where The Cats Are Rockin', BlackCat Rockabilly Sampler
Golly Gee Records GGR1000, 2002

Golly Gee Records, the premier independent American record label for Rockabilly and Surf music, offered the members of the BlackCat Rockabilly Newsletter a one-time special offer. If you had purchased any two CDs from the Golly Gee Records web site during the first two weeks of 2002, you would have received this sampler with twenty (!) rare and unreleased rockabilly and surf tracksfor absolutely free with order.

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BlackCat Rockabilly & Golly Gee Sampler Tracklisting:

  1. Chop Top Christmas - Long Island Hornets (unreleased)
  2. I'm Santa Claus - The Spinouts (unreleased)
  3. Surfin In A Winter Wonderland - Ralph Rebel (unreleased)
  4. Trapped Love - The Spinouts (unreleased)
  5. Misunderstood (Sun Mix) - Long Island Hornets (unreleased)
  6. Run Chicken Run - The Rebel Rockers (2002 release)
  7. Girl Of My Dreams (Sun Mix) - Peter & The Wolves (unreleased)
  8. Rockabilly Guy - Ralph Rebel (unreleased)
  9. Switch Blade - The Supertones (2002 release)
  10. Say Mama - Long Island Hornets (unreleased live)
  11. Gatorbait - The Retroliners (2002 release)
  12. Last Ride - The Supertones Live in NYC 2001 (unreleased live)
  13. Trouble With Girls (take) - Peter & The Wolves (unreleased)
  14. Red Rose - Long Island Hornets (unreleased live)
  15. Frankfort Special - The Spinouts (unreleased)
  16. Rumble - The Supertones (2002 release)
  17. Double Talking Baby - The Rebel Rockers (2002 release)
  18. Space Needle Stomp - The Retroliners (2002 release)
  19. Commanche Sunset - The Supertones (2002 release)
  20. Dark Lonely Street - The Spinouts (unreleased)

Sampler released by:

Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807