Billy & The Bullets (Self Titled Debut Album) 
Self Produced, 2004

A shot of rockabilly hit this musical quartet of Kent/Akron, Ohio. Blending their influences of the Stray Cats, Elvis, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins & The Johnny Burnette Trio with their original tunes, gives the group a rootsy, rockin' sound. Billy's guitar theatrics along with 3 lead vocals kick their show into high gear.

Recorded live on November 30, 2003 at Harvest Recording, Streetsboro, Ohio, this debut album combines 8 original songs and 6 covers for a well rounded shot of rockabilly. The covers include Carl Perkins' "Honey Don't", Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome Town", Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues", Jeff Beck's "Jeff's Boogie", Commander Cody's "Smoke That Cigarette" (originally written by Merle Travis for Tex Williams in 1951) and a Billy Capuano's arrangement of the American anthem "Star Spangled Banner".

Incredible energy, musical skills and a true love for rock 'n' roll music. Those terms came to my mind first after listening to this fabulous debut album for the first time. Especially love for our kind of music is a necessity if you want to appeal to the in-crowd. Heck, nobody wants to hear Pat Boone anymore, we wanna hear the likes of Johnny Burnette! Billy & The Bullets got that right for sure, because their music just sparks from the silver platter with great dedication.

Although all chosen cover songs sound just great, it's the self penned tracks that caught my attention. Starting off with a melodic rockabilly pounder titled "Sweet Young Thing", with aggressive guitar licks and a thumping upright bass by Kurt England, followed by the bluesy rocker "Belly Ring", the Capuano family sure knows how to rock.

"Jump, Boogie & Bop" will get everybody boppin' and shakin' all over the hardwood floor, and Theresa's sexy voice will get your ears glowing. Things really get hot when "Shifting Gears" thunders through the speakers. An original instrumental that just keeps romping and stomping all the way through, while Billy hits some pretty sharp blues chords.

No wonder they need to slow down a while to catch their breath with "Capice Paisano", a guitar instrumental in the tradition of "Sleep Walk". Wonderful stuff. Another mix of pure rock 'n' roll and a bit of rhythm & blues is "Dee & Jim", and Theresa vocalizes yet another jewel titled "Something Special". "Sitting On The Outside" sounds like Billy's ode to Brian Setzer, and you know what? We got the message!

Completely self produced, this Billy & The Bullets debut album is a true gemm, and it will definitly be added to our five-star recommendations list. Rock 'n' roll is still alive!

Billy & The Bullets are:
Billy Capuano - Guitar, Vocals
Theresa "T" Capuano - Vocals, Piano
"Tennessee" Kurt England - Bull Bass, Vocals
Bobby Capuano - Drums

Sweet Young Thing / Belly Ring / Jump, Boogie & Bop / Honey Don't / Lonesome Town / Shifting Gears / Folsom Prison Blues / Capice Paisano / Dee & Jim / Jeff's Boogie / Something Special / Sitting On The Outside / Smoke That Cigarette / Star Spangled Banner

Contact information:
Billy & The Bullets
P.O. Box 163
Northfield, OH 44067
Phone: +1 330 342 1427 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004