Big Six - Get Off It And Rock...
Rickster RKSTR70129
Everybody Groove / Rock The Island / Rocketship To The Moon / Dixie Peach / Who Put the B in the Boogie / C'mon and Dance With Me / Big Mambo / Tears On My Pillow / Rack 'em Up / Get Off It and Rock It / Hop On Baby

Ricky Lee Brawn has just sent me this hot-off-the-press CD, the first on his new Rickster label, which was recorded in Clapham, south London. Many of you in the US will have seen this band during their lengthy visits to the States in the last few years and will know that this is a first-rate band. The album has only one cover version (Tears on My Pillow) while the rest are new compositions by Helen Shadow, Ricky and other band members. It is a good mix of styles, a touch of soul, ska and R&B to go with the usual jump-jive, Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll. I have only had the chance to play it through once and there are already several tracks that have grabbed my attention. My favourite is Hop On Baby, reminiscent of Jack Baymoore & the Bandits' Lou Millet-styled Rockabilly. Line up is Pat Reyford, Al Nicholls, Anders Janes, James Compton, Alex Bland, Tim "Trundle" Purkess & Ricky Lee Brawn. The band is heading back to the USA soon; check them out!

Bill Smoker, London

Contact Info:
Brawn Again Productions / Valvemobile Location Recording Studios
PO Box 6136, London SW8 2XG, United Kingdom
Tel/Fax +44 (0)171 627 3001

Booking Agents:
Tony Martin
1295 North Wishon
Suite #7
CA 93728 USA
Tel 559 243-9021
Fax 559 243-9022

The Tahoe Agency
PO Box 11388
Tahoe Paradise
CA 96155 USA
Tel +1 916 577 6735
Fax +1 916 577 6737

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The Big Six - Get Off It And Rock It (Rickster Records)
The Big Six are back with their best sounding album to date, with the help of London's famous Abbey Road studios! Like their previous albums, The Big Six combine many musical styles including swingin' rock & roll, rockabilly, ska, soul, jive & boogie and mambo to create their unique identifiable "Big Beat" sound. This album showcases their brilliant undiscovered style! This release of this album will coincide with a complete 2 Month U.S. tour beginning on October 19, 1999.

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