Rockabilly Boogie, Big Boss Trio
Big Boss Trio, 2003

Big Boss Trio from Leiden (Holland) was formed in 1998 by singer/guitarist René den Os, bassist Bram den Os and drummer Wouter Rijke, three musicians that had already met in other bands from Leiden "L.A. Station" and "Kir Royal". When Bram was replaced by Jimmy Meyer, Big Boss Trio had an upright bass in the line-up for the first time. Unfortunatly, just after releasing the band's first CD, Jimmy Meyer left the trio in 2002. Drummer Wouter Rijke took over the slapping bass and former "Catyanks" and "Barbarian Blues Band" drummer Jeroen Bordewijk took over the skins.

The bands 2003 CD "Rockabilly Boogie" was named after Johnny Burnette's classic rockabilly song. If this is true fellows, where did that "A" come from then? The album has 12 covers of fairly well known rockabilly classics and no self-penned songs. That's too bad, because the band certainly has a lot of potential and it would have been nice to hear some originals too.

The chosen covers are all from every rocker's favourite list. A real party CD with all great boppers and stompers to dance to and sing along with. It looks and sounds as if the CD is completely self-produced, and I think it was actually meant to be more of a demo than a commercial release. A professional production team could have improved the sound quite a bit. Or maybe this is just how rock 'n' roll was meant to be, it's surely the way it all started back in the fifties, recording your own stuff in a little studio and releasing it on some obscure label. And aren't these old records all classic collectors items now?!

As said before, the band has a lot of potential, and certainly a whole lot of enthusiasme. I really enjoyed listening to this platter and although I have never seens the trio on stage, I can imagine they do a fantastic live show. Big Boss Trio has already announced the release of a live CD later this year.

Crazy Crazy Lovin' / Chicken Shack / Long Gone Daddy / Born To Love One Woman / Rockabilly Boogie / Cool Cat / Sag, Drag And Fall / Rebound / Your Baby Blue Eyes / Boppin' Bonnie / Let's Flat Get It

BiG BoSS TriO are:
René den Os - Vocals, Guitar
Wouter Rijke - Upright Bass, Vocals
Jeroen Bordewijk - Drums

Contact information:
Jeroen Bordewijk
Phone +31 71 5134084 

Rene den Os
Phone +31 71 5134562 

Wouter Rijke
Phone +31 71 5661426 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004