King, Big Bad Shakin'
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Big Bad Shakin' throw into the ring an explosive mix of 1950s American Rock 'n' Roll, Skate and Glam Rock calling the incredible result Rockin' Cartoon Pop. Their all-new album "King" is a collection of strong pumpin' grooves and massive rollin' rhythms urging the listeners to ecstatic movements of yet unknown dancing styles. You miss this album and you're missing it all! BIG BAD SHAKIN's newest album "King" - Rockin' Cartoon Pop by its inventors!

Liner notes:
It was back in 2004 when my old buddy Marijn Raaijmakers from 'Blackcat Rockabilly Europe' called me to ask if I would headline the bill at the 'Czech Republic Rock 'N' Roll Festival' in the summer of 2005. Normally, I would have taken my own band 'The Houserockers' to back me up, but on this occasion it was suggested that there was a hard hitting, red hot, rock 'n' roll band from Germany who were willing and ready to be my backing band. The band in question was the fabulous Big Bad Shakin', an outfit from Berlin who really impressed me from the first moment I met them. When we hit the stage, I knew I had a great band behind me as we literally tore the house down with a blistering set of high energy, and down to earth rock 'n' roll. It was a concert I shall never forget, and it knocked me out having this band backing me up as my 'Houserockers'.

Big Bad Shakin' aren't just any old band, they are all very talented players who have united together to play some of the meanest rockin' blues and rock 'n' roll that I've experienced in a long time.

During my career, I have travelled on extensive tours to many countries, performing to sell out audiences and working with countless rock 'n' roll musicians of all ages and nationalities, and today it gives me great pleasure to write a few kind words for a group of guys who have become good friends over the years, and who now have their own road to travel, and their own chapter to write for those rock 'n' roll history books, yet to be written. until we meet again guys. Stay rockin', and spend it'all. Always a friend.
-- Wild Bob Burgos (2008) --

Wild Bob Burgos

Product facts:
Big Bad Shakin' - probably the craziest band around! Their all-new album "KING" is a blast to paralyzing conventions and provides a new future for ailing musical genres. Their one-of-kind offer is an explosive blend of 1950s American Rock 'n' Roll, Skate, Hip-Hop and Glam Rock which Big Bad Shakin' have come to call Rockin' Cartoon Pop. Why hasn't anyone done that earlier?

Crammed with an amazing 14 self-penned tracks plus 3 ultra-strong cover songs the CD is value for your money. Well, ok. But BIG BAD SHAKIN' don't trust simply delivering the well-tried under a new tag. Not in need of a musical GPS or package holiday guide, they carve their own paths through the jungle. They may sometimes feed a solid Run DMC drum beat under a Southern Rock song or melt untraditionally tough guitar licks with a grooving piano sounding as if taken from a black-and-white movie. Limitations are a thing of the past.

Their massive, infectious stage show can't conceal a simple fact: These guys really have fun doing what they do. You'll see them screaming with laughter, doing cartwheels, drinking advocaat and positively not thinking about tomorrow. You go out to have fun - and you get it right on top of rousing music that you're taking home for the rest of your life.

Big Bad Shakin's Rockin' Cartoon Pop breaks with the oppressive restrictions of genres and music scenes without dissolving into senseless slapstick and Grandfather-Rock 'n' Roll. Dancing styles disappear in uselessness, and the audience unites as fun-driven party-makers throughout all age ranges. Target group is everyone who already or still has breath in his body. Rock 'n' Roll has a chance again. But it's called Rockin' Cartoon Pop. By Big Bad Shakin'. - Thank you for that.

For many years I have been proud to call Sören Heinze my friend. He is an exceptional musician, and an exceptional friendly human being as well. And yes, he is a little bit "crazy" (hence his nickname), but he is much better company than any "normal" person. He is a true rock 'n' roller, and with his band Big Bad Shakin' he takes rock 'n' roll music up to the next level. As the band's driving force, he wrote all the original songs on this disc, and he also plays the piano like an Original 21st Century Jerry Lee Lewis on Steroids, using a V8-Piano with a built-in Turbo-Keyboard. What a way to hit the 88 keys!!

And now everyone expects me to write a review about this album, but what should I add to all the info above, already provided by the band... Well okay, a short one then: this CD rolls and rocks and swings and shocks. It's an album like no other rock 'n' roll album before, and that usually results in the fact that you either love it or hate it. And I love it!

I'm not gonna go through every track, you'll find a complete tracklisting below, because you just got to listen to this platter yourself. One track though caught my special attention: Midnight Blues, a song I loved ever since the early sixties, when Charlie Rich wrote and recorded it. Now I listen to this new recording by Big Bad Shakin', vocals by Sören Heinze and Marijaka (the name seems to short for the royal sounds I'm hearing), and I get shivers up and down my spine again and again, and I just can't seem to stop hitting the repeat button. The sounds and voices, in combination with Charlie's original composition cut right through your heart...

You Ain't My Kinda Girl / Brandy-Drinkin' Baby / Rockin' With My Gal / 99 Chimpanzees / I Wouldn't Trade My Life / B-B-Baby / You've Done Me Wrong / In The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett) / Mean Caroline / Big Bad Party / King Again / Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) / Midnight Blues (Charlie Rich) / Bautzen City Skater / Bop If You Can / Goodbye, See You Again / Crazy Pullover (Bonus Track)

Big Bad Shakin' are (L2R):
J.B. Good - Drums
"Crazy" Soren Heinze - Piano, Vocals
Brian "Razor" Conrad - Guitars
Paolo DiStefano - Bass

Guest Musicians:
Marijaka - Vocals on "Midnight Blues"
Holger Flash Quartett - Brass Section

Band Contact & Bookings:
Sören Heinze
Reichweindamm 11
13627 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 3830 9335

MCDP International Distribution
PO Box 170103
60075 Frankfurt am Mein
Phone: +49 69 7140 2624

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008