Once Bitten Twice Shy, Pete Hutton & The Beyonders
Foot Tapping Records, FT006

Every once in a while The Beyonders come together to play raw rockin music. This is their first album recorded in December of 2002 at Sweet Georgia Brown Studios, North London. The band is fronted by Pete Hutton. Pete is best known as the lead singer of The Heartbreakers. Lance Larsen, also a member of The Heartbreakers, joins the band on drums. Mick Wigfall, very long established with The Enforcers is on double bass. Pete Johnson, whose fantastic guitar playing inspired Pete Hutton to form the band in the first place, is on lead guitar and vocals. Last but not least we've got Richard 'One Take' Barwell rounding out the band on piano.

Playing self penned tunes, obscure and commercial rock 'n' roll, The Beyonders are what rockin music is all about. Songs like Eddie Cochran's "My Way" and "Jelly Bean", Elvis Presley's "His Latest Flame", Billy Fury's "Maybe Tomorrow", a self penned rockabilly number "Once Bitten Twice Shy" as well as some of the best rare and rockin' tracks you'll ever find. As an added bonus (a gift for his one year old son Aaron) a lullaby "Daddy Big Boots", finishes off the album.

Note from The BlackCat: I enjoyed listening to this album quite a lot. A mixture of fifties style rockabilly and rock 'n' roll, just the way I like it. Covers as well as self-penned songs sound raw and rocking, with expert guitar licks and a greasy thumping upright bass. I bet you'll enjoy "Once Bitten Twice Shy" as much as me. Peter's voice is something else, just listen to his rendition of "His Latest Fame" and tell if the voice sounds familiar! And taking on Billy Fury's "Maybe Tomorrow" must have been a challenge, and it sounds awesome. Look out for future releases by The Beyonders.

Doin' Alright / Not For Love Or Money / My Way / Lover Boy / Marie's His Latest Flame / Security / Hot Seat / Boppin' Guitar / Jelly Bean / Maybe Tomorrow / Once Bitten Twice Shy / Gone, Gone, Gone / Girl Next Door / Daddy Big Boots

The Beyonders are:
Peter Hutton - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Pete Johnson - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Mick Wigfall - Double Bass
Richard Barwell - Piano
Lance Larsen - Drums

Contact information:
Peter Hutton
3 Brightside Ave.
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 1NE England

Foot Tapping Records
28 Cranford Avenue
Church Crookham
Fleet, GU52 6QU U.K.
Phone: +44 (0)1252 627395

Information provided by Peter Hutton, 2003