Singles Album, The Barnshakers
Goofin' Records, GRCD 6126

Who doesn't know The Barnshakers? It's quite impossible not to have heard of these great Emperors of the North. Based in Finland, The Barnshakers really cruised the globe, touring in the USA, Europe, Russia, Australia and Japan. Through the years the band backed up numerous artists, like the most delicious Marti Brom, Hank Thompson, Narvel Felts, Hayden Thompson, Alvis Wayne, Johnny Carroll, Sanford Clark, Huelyn Duvall and Darrel Higham, to name but a few.

So to remind us that the boys also record precious little gems in their own right, Goofin Records releases this Singles Album, 22 songs from every vinyl platter the Barnshakers released from 1993 up to now. The songs are ordered chronologically, so you really get a fine impression over the last decade. The last two songs are previously unissued, so for the collectors who have all the vinyl versions, this could be a reason to buy this CD, not only to save your precious wax, but also to complete your collection. Is it a coincidence Goofin Records releases this great collection just before X-mas? (there's also two boppin' Santa songs amongst the 22 songs). Who cares? I bet you wouldn't mind finding this Singles Album underneath your X-mas tree.

At this very moment, the Barnshakers are working on their new CD which is due for the end of 2005, so untill than we can enjoy this great compilation.

She Done Quit Me / So Doggone Blue / Big Sandy / Ooh' Baby / Complicated Fool / Who's Gonna Be The Next One Honey / When I Take My Sugar To Tea / Take One / Wiggle Like A Worm / Choo Choo's Coming Back / Desperate Santa / Santa's Got A Brand New Steel Pedal / Hocus Pocus / Gone A-Rockin' / You're The Cause Of It All / Tell My Baby I Love Her / Move On / What'cha Gonna Do / Boppin' In Roswell / Raining In My Heart / What'cha Doin' To Me / Lotta Lotta Women

The Barnshakers are:
Vesa "Two-Gun Daddy" Haaja - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jussi "Fancy Lothar" Huhtakangas - Lead Guitar
Mika "Mechanic M" Liikari - Upright Bass
Mike "Rollin' Bomber" Salminen - Drums
Harri "Maddog Harris" Saanio - Piano

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Contact information:
Mika Liikari
Seilimäki 18 A 1
02180 Espoo, Finland

Goofin' Records & Music
Hämeentie 46
00500 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 773 3113

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004