Bad To The Bone, Rhythm' Train
Part Records / K-tel RT 101273

Rhythm' Train is a four piece band from Switzerland. Eight years ago they came together in a little cow barn and trained very hard to play their instruments, wrote some of their song themselfs and within a year they had their first record, a 10 inch vinyl platter, called "Road To Nowhere". Radio interviews, concerts in Switzerland and foreign countries followed from their first succes LP. Rhythm' Train was settled in the press. In 2003 they changed to the recordlabel Country Elite Turicaphon and released the vinyl single "Rhythm Train Boogie". In 2004 their first CD "Back On Track" was published, this cd made it into the top 50 of the European Country Charts! Their music appeared on different various artist CD's, magazines devoted whole pages on the band and there where lots of internet pages who has info written about this band.

Some of the highlites of Rhythm' Train are: Finalists at the Country Talent Show in 2003, Finalists at the Kleiner Prix Walo in 2004, European Country Music Award 2005 in Austria, different concerts in Stadtkeller Luzern and Club 103 in Munich, Country Alpen Openair in Klewenalp, Trucker Festival Interlaken. In 2006, at least 100 concerts later, they recorded a new CD single, called "Hillbilly". This song is published on the new recordlabel "Phonoplay Records". On this record the guys are showing what they are capable of in terms of a whole range of music styles they are able to play.

Rhythm' Train plays traditional Hillbilly music from the mid fifties, in fact they mix Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Country and a bit of Western Swing together to get their own original sound. For this new CD this Swiss combo went with the big recordlabel K-tel in Switzerland and Part Records in Germany to release "Bad To The Bone". That are quite big names in the record industry.

You will get a black an white booklet with the lyrics of all thirtheen songs that are written by Urs Odermatt (singer / songwriter). A little minus here is that the font used in this booklet is very difficult to read, it's all bones and skulls. There is even on the last page a scheme of how to dance the Rhythm' Train Stroll! Well I say: Have a good listen to this CD and you won't have to read! Okay, the opener is "I Don't Know Why". A Hillbilly Bopper in the true sense of the word. Next is "Bad To The Bone", the titlesong. This an uptempo song with a nice leaderpart for the upright bass. In the sound of 1954/1955 Rockabilly and Country is the next song called "My Little Black Book". After this somewhat slow song you must get your booklet because we are going to do the "Rhythm' Train Stroll". How this works is perfectly shown on the last page. Everybody can put up with this tempo! Over to a real Country song "Memories Are Killing Me". Not my cup of tea, sorry.

The next song is full of a non-pedal steelguitar. It starts off with a few pure Rockabilly notes, but it turns the other way, lyrics about a motorcycle, playing guitar and rebel life and is called "Hillbilly King". This is going smoothly over into a Country Ballad "Like A Fool". A bit too soft here guys! "You Put A Spell On Me" is a midtempo song, a little rough played. What is "missing" on this whole CD is drums, well missing... You don't even realize that it's not there I must say.

And now something completely different: "I Would Love To Shoot Her To The Moon". A Countrybopper with too many years of marriage...?? Traditional mid-fifties rockabilly with "My Decision", quite a nice song, this one. Great guitarplay in here! A song to get your rest is "Blue Heart", again a country ballad which is too soft for me. Maybe I have to drink along with "I Drank That Barrel Down". This is a song that I can appreciate, slow and fast parts together with great bass and steelguitar. Very good singing here. Great Countrybopper! "Just A Little Kiss", the last song. Finally a real uptempo rocker! And this one is a duett with miss Marti Brom. Why such a great song only with miss Marti?? We all know that Marti Brom sings over the whole world and is a great name in the rocking scene. And now I know that these guys CAN Rock! That's really a shame because my overall conclusion on this CD is that it is too slow and too soft, with just two or three songs that have to carry this whole CD. But if you are into Country and Hillbilly rather then plain old Rockabilly then this album might get your kicks!

I Don't Know Why / Bad To The Bone / My Little Black Door / Rhythm' Train Stroll / Memories Are Killing Me / Hillbilly King / Like A Fool / You Put A Spell On Me / I Would Love To Shoot Her To The Moon / My Decision / Blue Heart / I Drank That Barrel Down / Just A Little Kiss

Rhythm' Train are:
Urs Odermatt - Vocals, Leadguitar
Walter Thut - Non-Pedal Steelguitar, Debre Leadguitar
Marcel Brun - Bull Fiddle
Bruno Shipani - Rhythm Guitar

Special guest: Miss Marti Brom, duett with Urs on track 13

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Contact Information: 

Part Records
Wiesenstrasse 6
69190 Walldorf

Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2009