Bad At Being Good, Big Bad Shakin' 
Raucous Records RAUCD 150

Big Bad Shakin' is not directly influenced by the 50s rock 'n' roll and rockabilly sound, but by their heroes of the 70s and 80s. Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Shotgun, and many more. They do not play rock 'n' roll vintage style, and they do not pretend to be authentic rockabilly. But they do play fabulous rock 'n' roll, Big Bad Shakin' style. It was about time that this great rockin' band from Germany got their first full length CD on the market, and here it is! 90% self penned, 100% rock 'n' roll.

The album opens with a cool rockin' rhythm & blues song titled "Mail Order Love", with guest musician Kalle on the saxophone. Influenced by the 50s or the 70s, who cares! This is true rock 'n' roll, I can listen to this all night long. With the second track all hell breaks loose, the title song "Bad At being Good" will rock your socks off, and the guitar breaks are sure to give you the goose bumps. A bluesy boppin' "Shauna", with added harmonica, slows down the pace just a little bit, before rockabillying into George Jones' "One Woman Man".

More rockabilly is presented with "Hot Rock" (not the Johnny Carroll song), followed by the original "Spend a Rockin' Dime", which reminds a lot of Wild Bob Burgos' song "It's Been a Long Time". I've been a Bob Burgos fan for quite a long time, so I just gotta love this song. And it sure rocks, Sledgehammer style.

Many more superb rockin' and bluesy songs are passing the revue, including a great rendition of Big Al Downing's "Oh Babe", with chilling guitar and piano breaks. Billy Swan's "I Can Help" seems a bit like an odd duck in the pond, but given the Big Bad Shakin' treatment, it turns out to be a great song after all. The Jerry Lee Lewis style rocker "Get Out Of My Life" will surely get your feet moving too, and the fast stomping "Hey Hey Mrs. Mae" will leave you no time to catch your breath.

The albums closes with a Crazy Cavan styled "Put A Light In The Window", and when the music stops, the silence is deafening. A fantastic mix of rhythm & blues and rock 'n' roll, I've enjoyed reviewing it tremendously, and I will enjoy playing it again and again! This is what rock 'n' roll is all about!

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Album musicians:
Sören Heinze - Vocals, Piano
Hannez Strauss - Vocals, Guitar
Jay Loeffler - Bass
Sven Küster - Drums

Big Bad Shakin' at the 2nd Czech Rumble, 2005

On July 30th, 2005, Big Bad Shakin' did a tremendous job backing Wild Bob Burgos at the 2nd Czech Rumble in Kralovstvi (Czech Republic), as well as playing a fantastic wild rock 'n' roll set of their own. Pictures and slideshows of the event can be viewed at Wild Bob Burgos' own website: (choose "Slide Shows" from the main menu).

Band Contact & Bookings:
Sören Heinze
Reichweindamm 11
13627 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 3830 9335 

U.K. Bookings:
Paul Barrett
Rock 'n' Roll Enterprises
21 Grove Terrace
Penarth, Vale Of Glamorgan
CF64 2NG, South Wales, UK
Phone: +44 (0)2920 704279 

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7, St. Peters Place
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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004