Back On Track, Rhythm' Train
Country Elite Special CD73644

Most of this brand new CD release by Rhythm' Train is plain old country music with lotsa steel guitar. I know that country and hillbilly are closely releated to rockabilly, but it's not the same thing. I'm not the kind that would file rockabilly under country, or vise versa. And I still believe a steel guitar has no place in rockabilly, at least not in the kind that I like best, like Johnny Burnette, Early Elvis, Carl perkins. But Rhythm' Train is not pretending to be a rockabilly band, as they say themselves, they play hillbilly, rockabilly and a touch of western swing.

Still this CD can be pretty nice addition to any hillbilly or rockabilly collection, it has the best of both worlds. Some real gone rockabilly tunes, like "Slip, Slip, Slippin' In", "Long Black Train" and "Rhythm' Train Boogie" and some others that are a mix of rockabilly and hillbilly, like "Crazy Baby" and "Movie Magg". However, the accent of the album is on hillbilly, with lotsa Hank Williams influences and an overdose of steel guitar.

So all you rockabilly cats and kittens make up your own kind. One thing's for sure, both the music and the production are perfectly in order and even the looks are great. The CD is packed in a transparent jewel case and complete with a 16 page booklet with great pictures. Everything is A-Okay, but their style of music does not give me goosebumps.

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Night Train To Memphis / Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young / You Nearly Lose Your Mind / Greatest Bike / Play The Music Louder / Slip, Slip Slippin' In / Lookin' Better Every Beer / Settin' The Woods On Fire / Crazy Baby / Rootie Tootie / I'm So / onesome I Could Cry / Movie Magg / A Jack Is True / Long Black Train / Leave Me Alone / Rhythm' Train Boogie

Rhythm' Train are:
Urs Odermatt - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Marcel Brun - Slappin' Bass & Backvocals
Sandro Valente - Rhythm Guitar & Backvocals
Walter Thut - Non-Pedal-Steelguitar, Washboard

Information and bookings:
Urs Odermatt
Lehmatt 2
CH-6375 Beckenried
Phone +41 (0)79 719 24 52 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004