Back From The Dead (Rusted Records) 
Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers


I had the extreme pleasure several months ago to receive a pre-release from my friend Memphis Mike of his new upcoming CD "Back From The Dead". And after some trouble with the cool gruesome artwork it is now available for you too. Mind you hillbilly fans, that this is the other side of rock 'n' roll. As the man himself refers to it, it's still loud, ugly, raw and uncut. With a hell of a lot of rhythm & blues creamed into a basic rock 'n' roll sound. Nobody handles a rock 'n' roll guitar like Mike does, and his raw scorching voice is the best in the genre. You guessed right, I really do love this album, because it rocks you hard from beginning to end.

Memphis Mike wrote 15 of the 17 songs on this album and he's bull-headed and stubborn about his brand of rock 'n' roll, and that's what makes his newest album his best yet. What'cha get is almost a full 54 minutes of some of the best roots rock 'n' roll and rockabilly music you could ever care to hear. Starting of with the fast paced, hard knocking original "Just Go". The rhythm is set, it all rock 'n' roll from here on in. Heavy bass lines and just the right amount of distortion on the rhythm guitar, varied with some real gone lead breaks, is what you experience on Mike's own "Cool Rocking Daddy", followed by a superb rendition of Johnny & The Jailbirds' "Lonestar Boogie". The beat goes on with "Boo Hoo", great 50s style lyrics with Mike raising his voice just a little bit, "I want you outta my house!" Ouch...

Back to blues basics with "Drinking Money" with it's stomping rhythm and hard hitting drums, before rolling right back into the rockabilly mood with "Late At Night" and "If You Let Me". The next song "Cursed" rocks by a little spooky and creepy, reminding of the early 60s horror songs, while "5 Minutes More" is the closest thing to a ballad on this album. A cool moody blues song, which proves perfectly the possibillities of Mike's eery voice.

From blues to country music, but still with a rock 'n' roll beat of course, is "Mansion On The Hill", followed by George Fleming's rockabilly classic "I'm Gonna Tell". More rock 'n' roll with "Losing You", another blues gem titled "Swamp Thang", and a super fast paced piano rockabilly track titled "Like We Used To Do", with some scary guitar breaks. Then a little something Mike learned from Danny Gatton I guess, called "The Incredibly Swingy Jazzy Thing In D" before pumping up the tempo again with two more hard knocking rock 'n' rollers "Nobody For Me" and "Right Hand Holds The Bottle". Darn, this is a great relase! Go get yourself a copy mate...

The Tremblers in Narooma, NSW (Australia), October 2003 - Live in Oz!

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The musicians:
Memphis Mike - Guitars, Vocals, Background Vocals
Robert Jacob - Bass, Levitation
Mike Quinlan - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals, Skillet

Guests starring:
Hermie Granati - Piano
Southside Jerry Mellix - Saxophones
Dick Dorkerty - Background Vocals & Handclaps
The Jagtones - Back Up Vocals

Contact information:
Memphis Mike Metzger

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003