Back Down To Louisiana, Dale Hawkins
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What impresses me most about Dale Hawkins is not who he was, but who he is. Dale continues to produce great American music, and with new tunes like "Mighty Mississippi" and "bang Bang" his legacy continues. Now more than ever, Hawkins' authentic blend of roots rock and blues stirs the soul.
-- Kelly Duda, Filmmaker --

Let's be frank, most rockers don't age well. Thank God for exceptions to the rule and here's one: Dale Hawkins. Rather than just aping past glories or unnaturally trying to catch up to modern trends, Dale Hawkins closes his eyes and just plays and sings from the heart. The result, as this thrilling new album demonstrates, is the kind of truly felt rock & roll that makes you want to soar. Thanks for all this, Dale.
-- Marc Smirnoff, Editor and Publisher, Oxford American --

When rock and roll hit America's youth in the mid 50s, Dale Hawkins was a teenager who loved what he heard on the radio. He was soon moved to make his own music, a unique mix of all his Southern influences. He added that rock and roll attitude, and in the process became a "teen idol" himself with hits like "Suzi Q" and "La Do Dada".

More than 50 years later, Dale is still making music his way. This is the second CD of all new songs Dale has recorded since his return from a long, self-imposed exile from the recording scene. His new music is as fresh sounding as anything made by artists a third of his age. It jumps out of the speakers and demands to be played loud and often.
-- Kenny King --

All the great rockers from the 50s are our heroes, they have been for many years. Some we haven't heard of since, some have continued in obscurity or changed to country or pop music over the years, some have hit the European scene because the demand for American roots rockabilly was far greater on the old continent. There are few like Dale Hawkins, who stayed true to his roots while also keeping an eye on more modern sounds and recording techniques. That makes this new CD sound fresh and still rocking like back in the 50s. A great collection of newly recorded American roots music ranging from Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Blues to Country. A fantastic album by a fabulous performer!
-- The BlackCat --

The musicians:
Dale Hawkins, Nick Devlin, Mike Nelson, Craig Keyes, Don Garrett, Joe Osborn, David Osborn, Kenny Brown, Kenny Bill Stinson, Joe Khoury, Roy Yeager, Hargus 'Pig' Robbins

New Generation / Bang Bang / Feelin' Like A King / Mighty Mississippi / This Love Of Mine / Pretty Little Thing / Word Song / Back Down To Louisiana / Roll With The Flow / This Love Of Mine / Shake / Do The Thang

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007
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