My Baby's Car Crazy, Rayburn Anthony
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5626

For those of you who don't know Rayburn Antony, he is one of the original Sun studio recording artists, way back in the era of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Charlie Feathers, Roy Orbison, Carl Mann, Jerry Lee Lewis etcetera. That makes him a real originator, and luckily for us, one still alive and kickin' nowadays. What's even more important, Rayburn sticks to the original Sun sound. Born in 1937, Mr. Anthony is still performing and records a new cd every few years. This brandnew CD (in fact so brandnew that according to the date on the inside of the cd inliner, the recording sessions are next week!) is an excellent example of what Sun recorded and produced back in the fifties. Those of you who are familiar with Mr. Rayburn Anthony's earlier recordings probably already know the high standards this man sets and delivers.

"My Baby's Car Crazy" contains 14 tracks, all written or co-written by Rayburn Anthony and recorded in an unmistakable early Sun style. I reckon if the title song or "Long Legged Lucy" were indeed recorded back than, they would've been classics by now, up there with the dear tunes we all know so well. Rayburn Anthony has a pleasant voice, that matches his songs like a glove and each song tells a story about the lessons of life, and undoubtedly Mr. Anthony has had his share and been there, done it and lived through it. If not, well, he could've fooled me. My conclusion is that this is a mighty fine CD, and if you like old school rockabilly you simply cannot afford to miss out on this one!

Absolutely Positively Gone / A little Boogie Woogie / Bad Mouth Baby / Invisible Man / Long Legged Lucy / Memory Lane / My Baby's Car Crazy / She's Mine / She's Taken My Heart / Knoxville / Somebody Hurt Her Bad / What's She Doing In My Heart / Yesterday Blues / You're So Easy To Love

Rayburn Anthony - Vocals, Guitar
Ike Stoye - Acoustic Guitar
Axel Praefke - Lead Guitar
Humpty Kirscht - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar
Torsten Peukert - Drums
Lucky Lehmann - Double Bass
The Mellow Men - Backing Vocals

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P.O. Box 130152
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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005