Suspended Time - The Astrophonix
Thunderball Records TR2007-1

This band was born in the summer of 2002 after the meeting of three export musicians from the Italian rockabilly scene. This wild combo mixes many influences: Rockabilly, Punk, Rock, Surf, Ska, Power Pop. Leader of The Astrophonix is the young guitarist Simone Di Maggio (20 years old!). This guy has played in many parts of Europe and in the bests Music clubs and Rock 'n' Roll festivals like: Summer Jamboreee 2002 (I), Blue Monday Festival 2003-2005 (FR), Rockhouse Planet Festival 2004 (FR), Milwaukee Confidential 2001 (I) and The Eddie Cochran Weekender 2004 (Chippenham, UK)  where Simone and the Astrophonix opened the concert before the legendary Little Richard. John Knight (organizer of this great event) said: "Best guitarist of this edition is Simone Di Maggio, and the bests bands are Little Richard, The Comets and The Astrophonix".

The boys also backed the fabulous Charlie Gracie. Simone recorded his first CD in 2001 (Everybody's Movin', Whampire Records) and an original song from this album (Milkshake Boogie) was chosen for the opening track of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Other songs like Simone's version of Rock 'n' Roll Ruby, are included in the prestigious compilation of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 3.

In 2003, the president of th Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Bob Timmers, gave Simone and his album Everybody's Movin' the Kiss of approbation like one of the best Rock 'n' Roll albums of the last years and he says: "Simone is an example for all young rockers and all young musician in the world".

In 2004 Simone's Milkshake boogie was included in the compilation "The Best from The Best" with many legends like Billy Swan, Wanda Jackson, Nervel Felts and many more. Another important step in the carear of this band was in November 2005. The guys played one the concerts of the Italian tour of the band who started the Psychobilly in the 80's; The Meteors.

Daniele Torrini (Double Bass) played in many Italian Rock bands in the 80's, and he touched fame with a really famous Italian band call "Dirotta Su Cuba" and he wrote the hit "Gelosia" played in many radio and TV shows. In 1988 Daniele started to play Rockabilly after meeting with Marco Di Maggio and for 5 years he played all over Italy with him.

Lorenzo Cotrozzi (Drums) is a very versatile drummer. He played in many beat and rock'n'roll bands of the Florence underground scene. His style is quite varied and he plays his vintage rockabilly and surf beats with great energy.

Rave On / City Of Vice / The Rejected / Suspended Time / You'll Be Mine / Mr. Lie / Never Did It For Romance / Sweet Dreams / Guitar Madness / Fate Is Fake

The Astrophonix are:
Simone Di Maggio - Guitar, Vocals
Daniele Torrini - Double Bass
Lorenzo Cotrozzi - Drums

Contact information:

Press release provided by Simone & Marco Di Maggio, 2007
Used with permission