Hard Luck, Astrolites
Heptown Records HTR026

The Swedisch band Astrolites started September 2002 as Tom Wilson & The Astrolites. At that time there were singer/guitarist Örjan Jönsson, bassplayer Torbjörn Viström and different drummers. Later on Tom Wilson left the band and there was only The Astrolites. Marku Kallunki took over the drums in 2005, he was followed a few months later by bassplayer Uno Eiving. With these three men together they developed the style you can hear on this album. It's got influences of Swing, old Be-bop, Surf, Rockabilly, Punk and even some hardcore Psychobilly. They have mixed the styles to their own unique sound and together with a wild live stage performance they call it: "Hi-Speed Rockabilly"! "Hard Luck" is the debut album of the Astrolites. It is recorded in September 2006 at the MT-Studios and already released in Sweden. Now it's time to conquer Europe with their first release.

Let's give it a spin!!
"Hard Luck" is the title... The music is also HARD, and FAST. And they don't slow down for a single moment, well a few songs are somewhat slower but the thumping Double Bass stays in front. There's thirteen tracks on this album of which twelve are written by the boys themselfs. The only song that's covered is "Prison Bound" which is written by Mike Ness of Social Distortion back in 1988. The opener of the album is "Rumble In The City" which sets the tune for this album right away. Next is "Flying Deuce" a heavy Rockabilly instrumental. Well, after an explosive song, "Dynamite", the guys take it a bit slower with "She's A Knockout". Fans of Reverend Horton Heat sure like the sounds of "Hotrod From Hell" and after this they get a change of a little rest, "Justine" gives you a nice steady beat to listen to. "Swinging Cats", the title says it all: this is for our Rockabilly swingin' Cats. The title song "Hard Luck" is what I call Good Ol' Rock n Roll. The next song they play leans a bit towards Psychobilly. It's called "Nitro" and is the second and last instrumental on this album. One of my favourits on this cd is "Let's Work It Out", this song stayed in my head for days... Hot Rods hard on gas, cars with an oilleak, high speed at "Devil's peak", great song for the A-Bombers Old Style Weekend in Sweden!! Fight Club song in "Knocked Out", the guys have smashed-up faces and broken ribs, it doesn't sound very good what happend last night. I hope it's only in this song... So that's it, just one more to go. The only cover "Prison Bound" is also a great song, played with hard and slow sections, I like it! My personal conclusion on this cd is that I like the slower songs better than the hard and fast ones, but overall, I must say that it's worth listening to! I rate this one four out of five stars. Pretty good indeed!

Rumble In The City / Flyin' Deuce / Dynamite / She's A Knockout / Hotrod From Hell / Justine / Swinging Cats / Hard Luck / Nitro / Let's Work It Out / Devil's Peak / Knocked Out / Prison Bound

The Astrolites are:
Örjan Jönsson - Guitar, Vocals
Marku Kallunki - Drums
Uno Eiving - Bass

Information about the band:

Heptown Records
Sankt Larsväg 21
SE-222 70 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)46-211 14 49


Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008