The Lost Recordings, Arsen Roulette 
El Toro Records ETCD 7000

Arsen Roulette is a young rocker from Fresno, California. In his own words: "Being from a major farming community and a small city, we are a city band trying to play with a special blend of country and blues shaken and stirred to make the best show you have seen and heard in along time." Well, I couldn't agree more and I haven't even seen them, I only listened to this CD "The Lost Recordings". On this album Arsen teams up with none other than Rockin' Lloyd Tripp, who has also co-written most of the songs, by the way, all songs on this CD are original compositions. Arsen is touring at the moment with his own band: "Arsen Roulette & The Drugstore Romeo's". This guy knows how to rock, that's for sure!

Straight from the first track I'm writing this review sitting on a tiny edge of my chair. It's hard not to start swinging around my livingroom and grab a beer and a cigar. Good news is that these guys are scheduled for a European tour this summer, so I will definitly take the opportunity to hop in my car and cruise to one of their gigs. First song grabs you in the groin immediatly and makes your hips go round 'n' round, so be warned if you give this CD a spin, make sure you have a kitten within reach to swing around. "I get up" is a wild rocker, introduced by a noisy old pick-up needle scratching the groove on a vinyl platter in a jukebox, then an old honkytonk starts to pound a rhythm and the rest of the gang sets in, relentlessly hijacking your mind back to the golden age of the fifties. Next track is "All Through The Night" again a "take-no-prisoners" approach, boy what a great track, authentic, wild, cut-through-your-eardrums guitar licks from Matt Pavlovcic, the way it should be! The third cut features Rockin'Lloyd Tripp on guitar again. This guitar ace sure knows how to squeeze the right licks out of that guitar neck as well. Of course Lloyd Tripp is a phenomenon in his own right as well. Showing no mercy, track four is blown right in the middle of my face, wow, that feels great! "Boppin' Lil Betty" can land on my face anytime! Raw, primal energy, that's how to describe this song. This CD is pure rock and roll, fireworks all over and it sets a new standard in my book, that's for sure! A special compliment also for the lovely retro design of the cover, magnifique! A Five Star award from the BlackCat Rockabilly guys, cheers!

I Get Up / All Through The Nite / She Was My Baby / Boppin' Lil Betty / Gone Crazy / Don't Say Goodbye / At The Drugstore / Hop Up Honey / Tonight Tonight / Baby Likes To Rock And Roll / Jinx On Me (Demo) / 7 Lonely Nites, Days (Demo) / Spinnin' Around (Demo) / Lonely Blue Teardrops (Demo) / Gone Gone Gone (Demo)

Musicians on "The Lost Tapes":
Arsen Roulette - Upright Bass, Vocals
Rockin' Lloyd Tripp and Matt Pavlovcic - Guitar
James Chance - Drums


Contact information:
Phone: +1 559 312 6175

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P.O. Box 220
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Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006