Let's Get On With It, Arsen Roulette
El Toro Records ETCD 7001


After I was blown off of my socks by Arsen Roulette's "The Lost Recordings", Arsen and his band have recorded a new explosive rockabilly album: "Let's Get On With It" which was recorded at The Studio That Time Forgot in San Francisco, CA. All songs were captured live on pre-1959 recording equipment, amplifiers and instruments. All songs were engineered mixed and mastered by Kevin Ink. This results in a real authentic sound and combined with Arsen's great voice, the great musicians and the awesome twelve self penned tracks, this is a definite must-have for every rockabilly fan around.

The CD starts with the title track, a wild and uptempo song with Arsen belting out his guts: pure raw energy! Track two slows down to a more conventional rhythm with great telepickin'. Third track gears back up into "Johnny Burnette" mode, "Messed Up" unleashing Arsen's full potential as a wild entertainer again. Track four steps down a little bit and reminds very much of the style Jody Reynolds used to record his darkhearted songs, Arsen and his band manage to capture the same dark atmosphere. For track six I really love the small snippet of traditional Spanish music, woven in "The Sounds that Charge". As I said in the beginning of this review, this is a Must-Have!

Let's Get On With It / Chance On Me / Messed Up / I Do For You / Shake It Around / Sounds That Charge / Bop Away the Blues / Honky Tonk Alone / On the Prowl / Lovin' On My Mind / Shake Loose / Strolling Back To You

Arsen Roulette - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Matt Pavlovcic - Guitar
Mark Millard - Drums
Alex Vargas - Bass, Vocals

Contact information:
Phone: +1 559 312 6175

El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117


Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2007