The Fabulous Rockabilly sounds of Al and the Black Cats
Rooby Records, 2006

Al and The Black Cats hail from Lowel, Michigan in the USA. Three young talented hepkats in the age ranging between 18 and 22. Combine this with ol' seasoned pro Al Krivoy and you get Al and The Black Cats, a new and refreshing band, highly motivated to make it to the top.

Well, this one was a personal delivery at my own den. Al and The Black Cats are residing in the EU this summer so they decided to drop off their newborn CD overhere and have a chitchat and of course some brewski's. Hey, I like this way of getting to know the band and they turned out to be friendly and polite youngsters, highly dedicated to rockabilly and rock 'n' roll. It's quite a step for these young guys to leave all their kinfolk for 6 months or more to go on a tour in Europe. Luckily there is the 4th bandmember, and mentor Phat Abba, aka Al Krivoy. All in all, they do remind me of a young version of the Stray Cats, when they took the historical step to leave the States and went to London to live there.

Also this CD does bear some resemblance to older Stray Cats / Tom Cats material. So if you're a fan of neo-rockabilly, this is definatly a CD for you. The album ignites with "Last Night Rock 'n'Roller" a raw and highly energetic rocker the way we all like it. The song has drums like heavy gunfire, sharp Gretsch licks and an uptempo rhythm. Cool is how the song changes rhythm towards the end transforming into a bluesrock song for the last bars. Second track is Al's song, "I'm A Rockabilly Rebel". Catchy tune, slightly overproduced on the backing vocals. Cut 3 is "White Caddillac" and starts out with a spoken credit to the composer, Rockin' Henri Smeets, a well-known Dutch rockin' radio DJ and promotor for the rock and roll music since it took off back in the fifties. Great song, well done, and I think Rockin'Henri should write more songs!

Next song bears familiar names too: "The Wies and Nol Bop" which must be named after dedicated Dutch rock'n'roll fan Nol Voorst and his wife Wies. Track five is the "Black Cat Roll" which is the bands billboard on stage, uptempo bopper and catchy full of energy again. The guys told me they also love old time Country music, and this results track 6, a Cash medley. A few Johnny Cash classics pass by and rendered by the Black Cats they sound a lot more powerful than the old originals. My personal favorites on this platter are "Dive Bar Blues" and "Drop Top Merc": driving uptempo rockers in the tradition of a young rockabilly trio which also once took a long trip abroad. This CD is a fine addition to your collection, and if you have a chance to see this fine rockin' band in your neighborhood, do not miss the chance to go and see them, and say hi from ol' Unc.

Late Night Rock & Roller / I'm a Rockabilly Rebel / White Caddillac / The Wies & Nol Bop / Black Cat Roll / Cash Medley / Phat Cat Boogie / Dive Bar Blues / Heaven into Hell / I gotta Woman-My Girl Is Red Hot / Hell is The Only Place / I'm on the Run / Shake it Loose / Drop Top Merc / 57 Heartbreak / Without a Word / *bonustrack: 57 Heartbreak

The Black Cats are:
Phat Abba - Electric Bass & Vocals
Mr. Soules - Slap Bass & Vocals
"Tom Cat"Tony Cozzaglio - Guitar & Vocals
"Flyin'Hie Mcflie - Drums & Vocals

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006