Aged To Perfection, The Original Comets
Rollin' Rock CD-114

"Aged To Perfection" indeed. The Orginal Comets celebrate 50 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll with this new Rollin' Rock release. These guys were the original Bill Haley Comets from 1952 till 1962. Ten years of top rock 'n' roll, and the "grumpy old men" returned on the scene a few years back with their fabulous release of "Still Rockin' Around The Clock", also on Rollin' Rock. Since then, they did not only age to perfection even more, they also discoverd Viagra, which really seems to work, so I must try it myself some time real soon :).

Besides a handful of Bill Haley tunes from the old days, The Comets also throw in a couple of other well known hits from way back when, and a bunch of new songs among which the incedible "Viagra Rock", which could well become a hit record. It's quite obvious the boys had a whole lotta fun recording it, and believe you me, these guys sure have been around the world and back again! Listening to "Viagra Rock", "We Ain't Dead Yet", "I've Got Love For You Baby" and "Somewhere There's A Woman" you will know that these granddads are as vital as ever, and besides playing good old rock 'n' roll at it's best, they also still seem to have the hots for beautiful women! Last track on the CD is a re-recording of "Rock Around The Clock". This song started the rock 'n' roll rave back in the fifties, but to my humble opinion, there was really no need to record it again. It has been issued and issued again dozens of times and, although it surely is a milestone in musical history, I've just about had it with this song.

The reason the band is using the name "The Original Comets" is that the trademark is controlled by Al Rappa, the Comets' fourth bass player, who played with Haley between 1959 and 1969, and now leads another group that uses the Comets name and in which Rappa is the only actual Haley-era Comet present.

Happy Baby / Don't Push Your Luck / Viagra Rock / You're The Greatest / Dim Dim The Lights / Burn That Candle / Two Hound Dogs / We Ain't Dead Yet / I've Got Love For You Baby / I Want You To Be My Baby / Somewhere There's A Woman / Eat Your Heart Out Annie / Buona Sera / Car Jam / Rock Around The Clock 2002

The Original Comets are:
Joey D'Ambrosio, Saxophone
Franny Beecher, Guitar
Johnny Grande, Piano
Marshall Lytle, Bass
Dick Richards, Drums

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002