R'n'R For A Dime, Adam & His Nuclear Rockets 
El Toro Records ETCD6040

Adam & His Nuclear Rockets is a straight-forward rockabilly trio that captures a true 50s sound. The main inspiration is drummer "Joke" Adam, whose enthusiasm expands the borders of music. Around him, there are some the best rockabilly players in Croatia today - Darko "DD" Grosek playing guitar, and Jurica "Slappin' Joy" Stelma on the double bass and vocals. Adam and his Nuclear Rockets played many gigs since they were formed back in 2003, and saw their first album release "Rock And Roll For A Dime" at the begining of this year on El Toro Records. This album was all recorded in Croatian "DD Studio", especially promoting vintage 50s engineering, and also this release contains mostly self-penned songs.

Darko "DD" Grosek also plays the guitar in the Mad Men, and "Slappin' Joy" Stelma in Mississippi Queen, both bands from Zagreb and recording for the German label Rhythm Bomb Records. This one has been released on the Spanish El Toro label.

The CD is well worth listening too. No doubt that an authentic fifties sound is captured by these fine musicians. I have seen Darko and Jurica perform with their other bands and as a guitar lover pur sang, I have been a fan of Darko's guitar pickin' style from day one. He told me he build his guitar all by himself, with bits and pieces from other guitars. The result is a very recognizable own sound and style. Darko reminds strongly of the late Paul Burlison: simple, wild riffs, but extremely effective. Combine this with a perfect sound and great personality and you have the building blocks for a top notch fifties guitar ace. Hear him swinging his axe for example on "You be Good To Me" or "Baby Please Come Home". Hard to choose, every song makes my heart beat a little faster. Stelma is a great singer with a flexible voice, and drummer Adam supports every song with a steady rhythm, not missing one single beat. The band's own compositions blend in seamlessly with the chosen covers on the album, which says it all as far as I'm concerned. If I tell you that this CD reminds me of the Johnny Burnette Rock 'n' Roll Trio, then this is meant as a sincere compliment. Five Stars boys, well done!

A-1 Baby / When The Fool Is Gone / Take & Give / Little Bit Lonely / Iím Crazy / Hey Girl / I Canít Find The Words / You Be Good To Me / Baby, Please Come Home /You / Rock And Roll For A Dime / Kiss Me / Everybody Have A Ball

Adam & His Nuclear Rockets are:
Josip "Joke" Adam - Drums
Darko "DD" Grosek - Guitar
Jurica "Slappin' Joy" Stelma - Vocals & Double Bass

Contact information:
Jurica Stelma

El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117


Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006