Ace Brown & His Helldivers - Selftitled
Wild Hare Records RB04001

It's allways good to see young enthusiastic kids with a deep love for rockabilly promoting our music with an excitement that is so typical for the young ones. The info flyer says "raw and energetic", and that is not a word too much. Overall, this is not a very bad CD, Ace Brown has written 11 out of 12 songs on the album, together with his slapper Bones. The songs are good, and well written and the lyrics have all the ingredients needed to whip up a good rockabilly song.

Still there are some issues the band and the producers must pay attention to. The instruments are out of tune on quite a few songs. Also Ace is having trouble to keep his voice in the key of the song, he sings actually out of tune on several occasions. This goes for the bassplayer as well, I mean, it's hard to play exact notes on a fretless doublebass, and in fact, it's one of the charmes of the rockabilly slapper to float a little bit around the notes, Bones is overdoing this a little too much for my taste. Also a minor point is that the duration of the songs is way too long. I think if they shorten those songs they would have a much stronger impact.

On the other hand, these guys will probably have a super live show, and you will never hear anybody complain during a live gig about these things I just mentioned, but I think they should work on these flaws, and not be discouraged by my criticism, because these youngsters sure do have a lot of potential!

Flyer info:
Helldivers Rock Indy as they Celebrate new CD Release. Ace brown and his Helldivers have become the band who is leading traditional rockabilly into the future. As many new fans discovered recently at the Indianapolis Rebel weekender; this band is hard to match for their authentic song writing and raw energy. After a succesfull outing at the Road Rocket Rumble, the boys greeted fans at the Wild Hare Record booth for 3 hours on Saturday, June 26th, 2004. Both new and old fans alike delighted in the new Wild Hare Records release entitled "Ace Brown and his Helldivers". This CD contains 12 songs which are written by Ace Brown or bassist Johnny Bones. The CD sales were brisk on Saturday and dozens of copies as well as autographed photos went home with enthousiastic fans. One fan in particularwas on his way home to Arkansas and loved the CD so much that he drove back to Indy to tell the boys and producer Dave Moore about the great raw sound and feel of the CD. Cuts of the Cd were also featured by DJ's during the weekender.

Ace Brown and his Helldivers are a fourpiece band from Butler, Pennsylvania and specialize in raw traditional rockabilly, including twangy guitar (Ace) slap bass (Johnny), rhythm guitar (Nic) and snare drum (Fred). Ace is the lead vocalist and is backed with great harmonies by Johnny. Currently the band is scheduled for performances all over the mid west, Manhattan and Europe later this fall. Additionally, a release party is planned for the Columbus, Ohio area later this summer.

Goodbye / Chatty Cathy / Street Angel, House Devil / Brokedown Blues / Come On / Giddyup Bebop / I'm Not Sorry / Sweet Louise / I can't Help it / Jule Joint Rockin' / Undersea Bop / Vibrate

Ace Brown & His Helldivers are:
Ace Brown - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Johnny Bones - Backing Vocals, Upright Bass
Fred 'The Oar' Borja - Backing Vocals, Drums

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004