Seven Nights To Rock, Eddy & The Backfires
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5607

Eddy & The Backfires hail from the Hannover area in Germany and they were formed in 1999. This is their second album, and I must admit I never heard their first one titled "Get On The Right Track Baby!". I don't know very much about this band either, they have a very beautifully designed website, but there's little information to be found. Maybe there's just nothing much to say about the guys, or maybe they'll send in a bio after they read this review...

Released on the German non-profit label Rhythm Bomb Records, this hot new release is recorded with vintage equipment. I'd buy any album with a version of Ron Holden's "My Babe" on it, and this was also the first song I played when I put the album in the CD-player. No, it's not the first track, I was just curious, and it sounds quite good, something completely different, it sounds even more vintage than Holden's original.

Let's start at the beginning with Carl Perkins' "Honky Tonk Gal". Basic rockabilly, nothing more, nothing less. Simple and rocking, with a thumping upright bass and clean cut guitar breaks. Red Moore's "Crawdad Hole", styled after Jack Earls' Sun rockabilly version bops pretty fast, and Moon Mullican's "Seven Nights To Rock" is also presented in a basic rockabilly version, as is Sonny West's classic "Rock Ola Ruby". Eddy does have a bit of an accent, but he's not doing bad at all for a native German.

There are 6 selfpenned songs among the total of 15 tracks, and "Down Town Mexico" is first, a combination of Mexican folk and rockabilly with changing rhythms. A great slapping "Rock Bay Rock" and "Chop Top Boogie", a couple more covers, among which are Danny Dill's "Hungry For Your Lovin'" and Dale Hawkins "Tornado", and a fantastic closer titled "Ghost Surf". In general, the band's orginal songs sound better than the covers, but then they did pick some covers that are hard to beat of course. The music is just great, the sound is superb, but all together it feels as if the vintage sound is a bit "overdone". You can listen to some complete songs from the band's website.

The Backfires are:
Eddy - Vocals, Guitar
Jürgen - Bass
Nosi - Guitar
Steven - Drums

Honky Tonk Gal / Crawdad Hole / Seven Nights To Rock / Rock Ola Ruby / Down Town Mexico / Saturday Night / My Babe / Hunggry For Your Lovin' / Rock 'n' Roll Baby / Miss December / Tornado / Rock Baby Rock / Top Chop Boogie / Strange Kinda Feeling / Ghost Surf

Contact information:

Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004