Maximum Rockabilly, 69 Beavershot
Raucous Records RAUCD 169

69 Beavershot from The Netherlands play revved-up guitar-led power-rockabilly taken to the extreme. After a chance meeting in a tattoo studio, the three guys discovered they share similar tastes - rockabilly, girls, cars and tattoos (what else is there? and these themes are prominent throughout their music. 69 Beavershot are tight and powerful, with musicianship that nods in the direction of Batmobile, Reverend Horton Heat and Brian Setzer. Combine this with superb powerful production, and you have a CD release and live gigs which are set to help 69 Beavershot really make their mark.

I gues many of you would call the music of 69 Beavershot "psychobilly", you might be right, but I always find it hard and unnecessary to stick labels on artists' back. Most of the time, like with 69 Beavershot, there's a mix of various styles and influences, which would only result in yet another label. The band calls their music "Maximum Rockabilly", and that's a good explanation of the "noise" they make.

Don't expect any Elvis Presley or Roy Orbison type of ballads, because 69 Beavershot is all powered up, with a cruel amount of distortion on the lead guitar. It's a fantastic production, but you will have to hold on tight not to be knocked over. Very good musicianship, especially the lead guitar is something else, and music ranging from rockabilly to rough-a-billy, to maximum rockabilly. All songs are written by the band themselves, exept for track 9 "Caveman" written my Milton Reder (The Savages) and the funny hidden bonus track "Show Me the Way to Go Home", which is a traditional written by Irving King in 1925.

The band made some live DVD recordings on the 8th of May 2005. This DVD is scheduled for release in the winter of 2005.

69 Beavershot are:
Robert van Driel - Gretsch Guitar
Marcel 'Mars' vand den Berg - Electric & Double Bass
Marc Burger - Drums

Dirty To Be / Hot Rod Blood / Don't Want Your Woman / Gold Digger / I Feel Fine / Speed Track / P.O.R.K. A Madona / Drop That Bomb / Caveman / Big City Lights / Leaking Carburatur / Devils Chase / True Love / Show Me The Way To Go Home (hidden track)

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005