5 Minutes To Live, The Barnshakers
Goofin' Records, GRCD 6118

Introducing the always wiskified, vicious gang. "Maddog Harris"; if you need fresh air, don't look for it in this town. "Mechanic M"; the brains of this lousy bunch of crooks, a gambler and has he ever played an honest poker game? "Rollin' Bomber"; if you're looking for trouble, you're talking to the right feller! Likes to blow up banks and other buildings. "Two-Gun Daddy"; a gun crazy hitman, a guy you can trust... to knife you in the back. "Fancy Lothar"; a guitar picker who uses the axe in many purposes, just don't get his gladrags dirty!

Are The Barnshakers playing a roll in a new gangster movie, or did they change occupation all of a sudden? This new Goofin' release looks like an old Bonnie & Clyde movie, and the title "Five Minutes To Live" just says it all. You best take care when you put this platter in the record machine! Crooks or not, you can always trust The Barnshakers to serve you with the best rockabilly music in downtown Chicago (Finland, LOL). Seven brandnew songs from the pen of Vesa Haaja, who also sent in the original lyrics, which you can find in the lyrics section of our website.

Fancy Lothar's rollin' lead guitar in a shoot out with Maddog's pumpin' piano is what this album hits off with on the new rockabilly stomper "Nature's Goodness". "Too Tired Today" is where Rollin' Bomber hits his skins hard, you can count your blessings it wasn't your skin, these guys mean business! And if rockin' in Finland isn't enough for you, try boppin' with the aliens in Roswell. A grandeur rendition of Gene McKnown's "Ghost Memories" is next on the menu, followed by a slow song titled "You Don't Owe Me A Thing" (Marty Robbins). Well, that doesn't sound like a ganster mob at all, does it?

Two more of Vesa's goodies are "She's A Goodie" and "Two-Gun Daddy", a selfportret of the writer I guess. Billy Lee Riley's bluesy "Trouble Bound" rolls by with a slappin' rhythm and "Arizona Express", also by Vesa, is written and performed with Marty Robbins and/or Frankie Laine in mind, great rockin' western tune. Then back to rockabilly basics with George Jones' "Maybe Little Baby". Johnny Cash will pass the revue later on, but this next song "Don't Worry About Me" was done with the rhythm of The Tennessee Two. Ronnie Self stops by with "Black Night Blues" and the Barnshakers' orginal "Hi-Flyin'" will get you right back on your boppin' feet again. And the last track is the Johnny Cash' title song "Five Minutes To Live", a combination of roots country music and rockabilly, the way Johnny did it way back in the 50s on the famous Sun label.

With its well done mix of rockabilly and western country msuic, this new Goofin' release is another great addition for your collection. Superb production, as usual with the barnshakers, some great new songs combined with well chosen covers, packed very nicely in a three fold cardboard case with all the ganster stuff inside. Go dig it!

The Barnshakers are:
Vesa "Two-Gun Daddy" Haaja - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jussi "Fancy Lothar" Huhtakangas - Lead Guitar
Mika "Mechanic M" Liikari - Upright Bass
Mike "Rollin' Bomber" Salminen - Drums
Harri "Maddog Harris" Saanio - Piano

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Contact information:
Mika Liikari
Seilimäki 18 A 1
02180 Espoo, Finland


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00500 Helsinki
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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003