Spin That 45 - Fortyfive RPM
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5613

If there is anything I love almost as much as beer and JD, it's female rockers. There, I've said it, now shoot me. Of course I meant female vocals in rockabilly music, and not what all you lone rockabilly wolfs out there were thinking about. Ok, ok, just a little bit then! Well, here's one that you all should give a spin!

Fortyfive RPM released this sweet little record earlier this year and it contains 16 swinging rock-boppin' tunes, each and everyone a pearl to listen to. There aren't that many women who sing rockabilly, at least not in the US of EU, so it's about time a new star is brightening up! Sandra has an outstanding voice and she sings with such great ease. On this CD there are covers of songs that have been done by Rosie Flores, Marti Brom, Janis Martin and even a rendition of the mid-eighties hit "Perfect" from Fairground Attraction (in the original version also a cool rockabilly stomper). Did I allready say Sandra has a great voice? Some songs she sings crystal clear (e.g. I Love You Honey) than she demonstrates a powerfull, slightly rough voice (C'mon Little Baby) or even a sexy, high-pitched Betty Boop-like whooper. Drums and double bass are providing a reliable bedrock for Schroeder, who is without a doubt a brilliant guitar picker. Schroeder produces some real firework when a song needs it, and bright decorations if for other songs. Did I allready mention that Sandra has a great voice? LOL

Fortyfive RPM had their Live-Debut early 2003, supporting the German "Rockabilly Mafia" in Berlin, only one month after they had formed (the stuff to build legends on!) and did surprisingly well. The same night they were booked for the Brandenburg Weekender, where they were also received very well. So far, the band has played not only in Germany (they are basically from around Hannover, Lower Saxony), but also in the rest of Europe, festivals like the Spanish High Rockabilly Meeting or "Rock around Turnhout" in Belgium (where they have lost their drummer and were performing as a trio in the best Elvis, Scotty and Bill Tradition) as well as on their own. Currently they are looking forward to play Rockin' Valley in the Netherlands. They have also supported Doug Wilshire / Chrome Daddies and Bill Haley's Original Comets. Oh yes, and they have a new drummer!

So, talking about Fortyfive RPM, who is involved? On vocals (and acoustic guitar now and then): Sandra. The voice that makes 45% of the band. Her stunningly sexy appearance and good looks make another 45%... but that's another story. Sandra has not sung in bands before (as a band member), but had several "featurings" with Eddy and the Backfires or Stompin' Tom and his Wildtones (no longer around), to name a few.

Jürgen on bass. He really discovered Sandra while helping out the Wildtones as bassplayer. Thought that this voice (and the girl behind it) should have a band in her own right. Put the band together. Aquired the record contract. He is almost as good at business things as he is as bassplayer. Jürgen has a musically dark past as one third of The Javes, a very early german Neorockabilly band. Very early! His instrument is from around 1780 ( and thus only a couple of years older as the player himself).

Torsten a.k.a. Schroeder (Peanuts Piano Player, adored by Lucy van Pelts, no Politicians involved here) shares the same dark past as one third of The Javes, of course, another third.... The Schroeder (tm) plays guitar, supplies some backing vocals, annoys his bandmates while being a wisecrack, is a hired gun (on guitar or drums) by other bands in the area, spanning from Rockabilly to ah, well, Funk and Rockmusic. schroeder runs a 16track analog tape/24track digital recording studio and is about to finish his solo-album.

And there is Oliver. The new kid on the block. Drummer Man. Raised on Lionel Hampton and Gene Krupa. He brings a very new aspect to Fortyfive RPM with his swinging approach. Accidently met the band on one of their gigs where (another) drummer didn't show up. Being booked as a DJ for that evening, he drove home, collected his drumset and returned to the venue to sit in with the band as a drummer. Yep, no rehearsal, but wow! what a gig (I' ve mentioned the legends-thing before...). Oliver played formerly with Big Deal and is also known as DJ Rollin' Danny.

(Bio courtesy of Torsten Schroeder)

C'mon Little Baby / Tennessee Zip / Yeah Baby / I Love You Honey / Two Hearts / Perfect / Move It On Over / He Will come Back / Here Comes That Feeling Again / My Little Baby / Devils Poem / Why Dont You Haul Off / This Little Girl Gone Rockin / Stop, Look And Listen / My Boy Elvis / Stop Listening Wolf

Fortyfive RPM are:
Sandra - Vocals, Guitar
Jürgen - Bass
Torsten - Guitar
Oliver - Drums

Contact information:

Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven


Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005