21st Century Rock, Andy Tielman & Tjendol Sunrise

Tjendol Sunrise seamlessly fuse Rockabilly, Rock&Roll and Indorock into their own exciting brand of asskickin' music, as everyone who has seen them live can attest. After last years' legendary performances together with their hero Andy Tielman, it seemed only natural that they'd join forces with him on a new CD, "21st Century Rock", which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of the official first dutch popmusic single "Rock Little Baby Of Mine", recorded by Andy with the legendary Tielman Brothers in 1958. This new CD includes an exciting new and updated version by Andy Tielman and Tjendol Sunrise of this landmark recording, and on the 21st of may 2008, Andy and Tjendol Sunrise performed "Rock Little Baby Of Mine" for the dutch queen Beatrix, who enjoyed their performance very much.

The new CD is a very exciting fusion of the musical styles of Tjendol Sunrise and Andy Tielman. Even Andy's diehard fans will be wondering when was the last time they heard him rock this hard when they'll hear this CD, and the young generation - who might be less familiar with Andy's music - will immediately understand why he has been such a big influence on European rockmusic from 1958 up until the present day.

It has been 50 years since the first single of the Tielman Brothers came out, and that made the brothers Andy, Reggy, Ponthon and Loulou true groundbreakers for Dutch-Indonesian rock 'n' roll music, mostly reffered to as "Indorock". And for many decades my favorite Tielman Brothers 45 "Record Hop" b/w "Swing It Up" (1959) has been sitting in livingroom jukebox. Scratchy from the many plays, but still an all time favorite and a memory of the rock 'n' roll explosion in The Netherlands in the late 50s and early 60s.

Andy Tielman is now 72 years old and he's still performing and recording. After some legendary performances with the fabulous Tjendol Sunrise, this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate 50 years of rock 'n' roll by releasing a historical CD. In the early 60s the Tielman Brothers recorded a song titled "18th Century Rock", arranged by Andy from a classical piece by Mozart, and so they came up with a perfect title for the new CD "21st Century Rock". So, what's on it? A staggering 17 tracks ranging from rock 'n' roll to indorock to acapella ballads! Let's give it a spin...

Andy is introduced by the band on track one with a tune written by Andy and Patrick, with a humerous wink to the old Batman TV series and a song called "Let's Twist Again" by Chubby Checker, FUN. Straight after the introduction, Andy sets in his legendary "Rock Little Baby Of Mine", and 72 years of age or not, this old geaser still can rock your socks off. Next is "I Can't Forget You". Acapella and doo-wop style ballads are not my cup-of-tea, so I'll skip a few songs in this review, but that doesn't mean they aren't any good, on the contrary, everything about this album is great, I just like the faster songs better. Like "Rosaleena", a rocker based on Conway Twitty's "Danny Boy", and a fabulous new rendition of "18th Century Rock", which captures the true spirit of Indorock music. And then rockin' onward with a rockabilly beat on the slapping bass with "Hello Catharina" and "Nice Guy", followed by an all new recording of my jukebox favorite "Record Hop". Isn't it just great that all those superb songs from the heydays of rock 'n' roll can now be heard again by a whole new generation!

The cool Indorock style instrumental "The Carioca" is followed by yet anther classic "Swing It Up". A guitar version of Glenn Miller's old timer "In The Mood", made famous in The Netherlands by Rene & His Alligators, swings through my livingroom with a thumping double bass beat. "Who's That Man?" is a song I haven't heard before, it stands out because of the heavier rock guitar and was inspired by Gene Kelly's "Singin' In The Rain" from the 1952 movie with the same title.

"Andy's rock" is another great rocking instrumental, and the last track on this CD is a so-called bonus track, an acapella version of "I Can't Forget You". A superb album which brings back great memories and a true celebration of 50 years of rock 'n' roll in Holland, which would have never been the same without Andy Tielman!

Andy Tielman & Tjendol Sunrise Are:
Andy Tielman - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Marc D. - Vocals, Guitars
Patrick Kerger - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Willy Pieters - Vocals, Double Bass
Dennis Kneulman - Vocals, Drums

Introducing Andy Tielman / Rock Little Baby Of Mine / I Can't Forget You / Rosaleena / 18th Century Rock / Hello Catharina / When I Fall In Love / Nice Guy / Record Hop / The Carioca / Swing It Up / My Little One / In The Mood / Prelude: Walking Down The Street / Who's That Man? / Andy's Rock / I Can't Forget You (A Capella)

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008