(Terry Fell - H. Maddox)
MADDOX BROS. & ROSE (COLUMBIA 4-21466, 1955)

I'm just an old black choo-choo
On a rusty railroad track
They put me in the choo-choo graveyard
And they're never gonna bring me back

They're pulling my cars with a diesel
And the diesel sure looks proud
But he never makes the sound of a choo-choo
When he blows his whistle loud

Let the many-many little children
Can have a thrill to my choo-choo sound
If you don't, pull me back upon the railroad
Let me keep on chuggin' around
(so-la-fa-fa-fasso, so-so-passo, etc.)

My coupe was black and shiny
On the day of my trial run
I never forget how they eyed me
As I glistened in the sun

I'll be the diesel's helper
If they'll only set me free
I'll blow my whistle at the crossing
Make the diesel proud of me


Well, the black smoke frose in the distance
As the diesel rolled on by
But the coalburner kept on a-chuggin'
As he went on down the line

There's a new day coming tomorrow
When you won't hear the whistle scream
You'll just hear the roar of the diesel
Like the foghorn out at sea


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