(Di Maggio - Slick)

I have to admit that I don't feel heartbroken
When you left me I didn't feel the pain
I just moved my clothes where you emptied
I'm happy to have all that closet space

In fact the air I breathe at home is fresher
There's no one here to criticize my life
I'm on a cloud since I've been partyin' every night
I'm sorry dear if I don't feel heartbroken

Out of the blue you stopped loving me and quit me
Without a word to explain what changed your heart
Memories flocked my mind and I suddenly realized
How lucky I was when you walked out the door

Since a long time our room had turned to an icebox
And all my fire couldn't keep you warm enough
You never fueled my fire or played sweethearts
And that's what happened darling, but i'm not mad

Out of the blue...

Nobody lose, nobody win this round now
No one cheated in this lousy game
It never started and yet I'm glad it's over
And I don't need a bottle to forget

I'm sorry dear, if I don't feel heartbroken

Courtesy of Marco Di Maggio, marcodimaggio@libero.it