(Kevin Smith)
HIGH NOON (Watermelon WM1057, 1996)

Up this morning at the break of dawn
Threw my pole in the car, couldn't do no wrong
Got halfway to the river, weather's lookin' fair
Then got myself a flat and I didn't have no spare

Fishin' hole boogie, I still gotta get there
I grabbed my box and grabbed my pole
And boogied on down to the fishin' hole

I hitched a ride down to the river bank
Two full hours late, with just myself to thank
The water was still runnin' from last week's flood
And I lost both my shoes in the Colorado mud

Fishin' hole boogie, I shoulda wore some socks
My car's broken down and I lost my shoes
Now I'm sittin' and singin' the barefoot blues

I got a worm in the water and in five minutes' time
I felt somethin' pullin' and a tuggin' on my line
I reeled in my line and I swear it's true
All I caught all day was my own right shoe

Fishin' hole boogie, I better call it quits
I'm gonna walk home before it gets too dark
And all I get for dinner is cedar bark