(Joe Sherman - Noel Sherman)
BOYD BENNETT (KING 1443, 1955)

A one way love is a cryin' shame
The kind of love that's a losin' game
You try real hard, it just don't pay
No matter what you do or say
Because my love is just one way

Everlovin', everlovin'
Want your lovin', need your lovin'
Everlovin', everlovin'
Pleadin' for you turtle dovin'
Watin', I'm a-waitin'
It's so humiliatin' waitin'
Just for a kiss from you

A one way love is a lonesome thing
Your lips grow cold and your heart don't sing
You treat him right, you treat him square
You call him dear and want him near
But all the time he just don't hear


A one way love is a one way crush
You give your heart but you get the brush
You buy new clothes just to catch his eye
You think he'll make a pass at you
But all he does is pass you by