(Tennessee Ernie Ford)
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (Capitol 2170, 1952)

Along about sun-up, every day
I grab my bucket and I'm on my way
I go down the road a runnin' and a kickin'
I'm headed to the patch to do some blackberry pickin'
I fill my bucket right to the top
It makes my lips go flippety-flop
I hear a little voice and it sounds so sad
It said, don't pick me know 'cause I ain't ripe dad
Blackberry boogie, blackberry boogie
I'm brought back like a flip
When it's blackberry pickin' time

I went to see my gal, I set my bucket down
She said, hi there baby, are you goin' to town
I said, uh-uh honey I'm a goin' where they scratch
I'll meet you in a minute in the blackberry patch
She grabs her bucket and she jumps and squeals
I'm headed for the bushes and she's hot on my heels
I start pickin' on one end, she picks on the other
We meet in the middle and she yells, oh brother
Blackberry boogie, blackberry boogie
Oh I love that girl
When I meet her in the middle of the patch

We go through the briars walking hand in hand
Pickin' blackberries just to beat the band
I grab her for a kiss, she said, turn me loose
Your lips are all blue from that blackberry juice
I hug her once and said, don't be coy
You know I'm your blackberry pickin' boy
I kissed her then and she let out a sigh
And said, let's go to my house and bake a pie
Blackberry boogie, blackberry boogie
I'll be back little gal
When it's blackberry pickin' time