Press Release: 1st Dutch Teddy Boy Rock'n'Roll Festival
Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers Pipeline '61

Saturday 22nd March, 2003, Arsenaal Theatre, Vlissingen (NL)

The Teddy Boy culture has been massive in Europe since the 1950s. Since the days of the original early British rock 'n' roll, the teddy boys and teddy girls have been the famous followers of rock 'n' roll in Britain and elsewhere in Europe. In the 1970s, when the ('50s style rock 'n' roll) revival grew again in Britain, The Netherlands and Germany, so came along the great bands like Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Flying Saucers, Matchbox, Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets, Shades, Riot Rockers, Houseshakers and many more.

The Netherlands had a strong rock 'n' roll scene at this time, as well as a powerful record label (Rockhouse), and together with the British, the scene was at the forefront of the concert tours and the legendary record releases of these bands. Here at home, bands strong in rock 'n' roll during the 1970s included the likes of Savage Kalman & His Explosion Rockets, Jacky & The Cheap Checkers, Billy Wiggle & The Wigglers, Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks, Jimmy & The Rackets and Rocky West & The Humbuggers (and before that already were the Hound Dogs, Mac Taple, The Killer and Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers). Then came the Wildcats and the Rockin' Cracks and on through the Shakin' Silhouets and Hellkats onto those keeping that rock 'n' roll sound alive in The Netherlands today like Ronnie Nightingale (still!) and Pipeline '61.

Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll and British Revival have been very strong again in the last few years and it was natural that there should be a festival of this style taking place in The Netherlands as there are several in the UK, Scandinavia and also Germany. A strong, exciting scene existing alongside together with the rockabilly scene, there are waves of great new Ted bands all over Europe, new records, new magazines, new record labels and of course many of the Revival legends survive with the COOL rock 'n' roll sounds today. Yesiree, in recent years some kind of 'Revival' has been taking place, all over Europe really, and this has greatly increased the following of Ted Culture and Music, mixing well with the everlasting 1950s Rockin' Scene that survives perpetually since the late 1970s, a music scene in which we live & love!

The Music:
The music we are talking here is 1950s styled British rock 'n' roll, late '50s / early '60s Beat (before the Beatles!), revival rock 'n' roll through to today's Teddy Boy sounds. You could see anything on these Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll festivals then like Wee Willie Harris, Terry Dene, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, the Rapiers and Lou Cifer & The Hellions, Black Raven or the Avengers. This kind of Great Rockin' Stuff!

The Show & Festival:
Now here in the Netherlands, a partnership of Southern & Rocking Music (UK/Fin) and Boola (NL) proudly present the largest event of this kind in the Netherlands so far! At this 1st Dutch Teddy Boy Rock'n'Roll Festival we have put together a great all-dayer line up showing the Scene - 7 fine bands and all kinds of exhibitions, shop stalls and displays. We're talking 13 hours of rockin' action, folks! Expect a fine international gathering of Teddy Boys & gals and rockers from the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, of course all over The Netherlands and a few from elsewhere!

  • Absolute Ted legends on this scene, and famous throughout Holland and the rest of Europe, it was natural that CRAZY CAVAN & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS (Wales, UK) should headline the festival. This will be their first appearance in Holland since 7 years ago (Eindhoven)
  • In addition from the UK, we have that rockin' wildcat JEAN VINCENT (UK) - the wild English fox with her raucous rock 'n' roll sounds. With 2 albums released earlier in Holland, she sure is no stranger either.
  • The longest surviving Teddy Boy/British Rockabilly band in GERMANY are the KENTUCKY BOYS and we are pleased to present them here for you in Vlissingen
  • Pure Ted rock 'n' roll class from FRANCE is represented by the LONG BLACK JACKETS. Arising from the earlier Confederate Teds band, their album has just been released in France and Germany.
  • Powerful rock 'n' roll and wild British revival rockabilly, famous throughout Holland and respected internationally are Dutch veterans RONNIE NIGHTINGALE & THE HAYDOCKS
  • Best of classic British rock 'n' roll and early Beat are PIPELINE '61, who'll bring their excellent, authentic show
  • and some excellent Rockabilly and rock 'n' roll from the 2-TONES, adding their Ritojo Rhythms
Ronnie & The Haydocks Kentucky Boys

A History Of Ted Culture Exhibition will be seen on display from 'The Velvet Collar' (UK), the British ted magazine. Another exhibition will be a Rockin' Photo Display from 'Be Bop Books' in Finland - a publishing company with a fine reputation in Europe for '70s-nowadays Rockin' Books covering the actual Scene's history to now. Let's not forget a fine array of leading DJs like Stefan P. (Essen, Germany, owner of the Castle and King Ed record labels), Steve's Stack O' Wax (Bournemouth, UK), Bernd (Frankfurt, Germany, owner of the Diablo record label) and more from UK and Netherlands.

Furthermore, there are some great stalls and merchandise on sale including records, clothing, books and everything else you could imagine. Clothing such as "Flash Harry's Clothing" (UK) and also respected Teddy Boy suit tailor Colin Tauberman, skilled in the original 100% authentic style. Naturally there will be many Record Dealers such as Keep On Rocking (Belgium), S & R Music (Finland) and several of the best from Holland and Germany such as Ted Record Dealer/Label 'Hot Wax' (Germany - also publisher of 'Rock Revival' magazine). Also 'Be Bop Books', all the way from Finland! There'll also be other things to do such as competitions, so there's alot to do in both the day and night!

The Festival takes place in a great venue, ARSENAAL THEATRE (Arsenaalplein 1, Vlissingen) with 3 halls, fine Bars, restaurants & buffet bars. This is the first of what we hope will become a bigger and better Festival every year - growing healthily as a highlight on the Dutch rock 'n' roll Calendar as have the other Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll festivals around Europe and UK.

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