Indo-Rock in Holland

Indo-Rock is a well known Dutch rock 'n' roll music genre, which florished between 1955 and 1965 and was introduced by Dutch immigrants with an Indonesian heritage, with Andy Tielman (Tielman Brothers) in pole position. The Indo-Rock highlighted from 1959 till 1963. In those days dozens of singles (vinyl of course) were issued by Indo-Rock bands with a lot of success. It was very popular in Holland as well as Germany.

The best known groups were:

  • The Tielman Brothers
  • The Crazy Rockers
  • The Hot Jumpers
  • Real Room Rockers
  • The Hurricane Rollers
  • The Javalins
  • The Black Arrows
  • The Crazy Strangers
  • The Black Dynamites
  • Oeti and The Real Rockers

Well known songs from this success period were a.o.: Little Bird, Black Eyes, 18th Century Rock, My Maria, Java Guitars, Dardanella, Once en Hurricane Beat.

Indo-Rock music is a mix of various musical styles like Country, Rock 'n' Roll, Krotjong (Indonesia) and Hawaiian music. Characteristic is their heavy bass-sound and the use of lotsa echo on the guitars, the echoes were usually done with Dynacord "Copy Cats". The guitars and amplifiers of course were Fenders, though at the start of the Indo-Rock era there were also Egmond, Hofner, Hohner, Framus and Eko. One of the first musicstores that imported Fender guitars from the States on request was Servaas in The Hague. This store has been the "Mekka" for Dutch musicians, but unfortunatly it closed shop in 1994.

Indo-Rock Revival
The last few years Indo-Rock is on it's way back in Holland, many of the good old stuff is being re-issued on cd (like the great Dynamites CD "Rockin' Ramona") and new bands pick up where others left off like "The Blue Moon Rockers".

Original Dutch text by Henk Looijestein, translated by The BlackCat.

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