Banner Exchange Program


We have a fully automated banner exchange program. If you want your banner to be shown on our website; READ ON!

How does this work:
Every time you show OUR banner on your website, we will show YOURS on our website. If someone CLICKS on our banner from your website, we will show your banner another FIVE times extra.

Who can join the program:
Anyone with a website about rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, fifties lifestyle or memorabilia, commercial or non-commercial, can join!

What do I have to do:
1) Make sure you have a standard internet banner available on your website. We ONLY support 468x60 pixels banners in (animated-) gif or  jpg  (Jpeg) format with a maximum size of 20 kilobytes.
2) Apply for the program by filling in the application form, [click here] to open the form. Choose a name and password in the second section which reads "create new account" and hit the button.
3) Fill in your website name, your e-mail address, site URL and the url pointing to your standard internet banner.
4) In the "zones" section, choose A in the first section, and B in the second (B = 486x60 ads on YOUR page). If you're done, hit the "edit account" button.
5) The next page will read "This account is awaiting administrative approval". We will inform you shortly if your application and/or website meets our standards.
6) In the middle of the page you will find the HTML code to put on your website. If you want more exposures, you can add the code to as many pages as you like! Please remember to change the pagenumber in the code (on two occurences) as explained on the account page.

Note that the provided code should all be on one line (no line breaks)

You can always [return] to the exchange page to check your statistics (you will need your name and password). You can verify daily and monthly stats and there is an overview of IP addresses that have viewed or clicked your banners.

How much does it cost?
Nothing at all! The program is completely free of charge. This is an exchange program, your show mine and I'll show yours! Let's keep rockabilly music alive and kicking!

There are currently active banner exchange accounts.

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